Yoga Sequence For Runners!

Hi Guys! Let. Me. Tell. You. Vacation feels wonderful! Yesterday I spent the day at home working on some guests blogs, going for a run, planning my fundraising event and creating a new vlog for you.  It was so relaxing! Hopefully you all are having a great week!

While I was relaxing I came across this video on You Tube yesterday and wanted to share it with you all! It’s a free 20 minute video that is a great sequence of stretches for runners.  I do a very similar sequence to this after my runs.  I really love these stretches as they make a difference in my flexibility and strength. I want to create my own video with the sequence I do after runs so you can all see, it is only about 10 minutes.  For now though, check out this video and give it a try after your next run! I promise you will see a difference!

The only pose that these doesn’t include that I think it amazing for runners is pigeon pose.  You can add this to the seated poses in that sequence before you go into shavasana.

Pigeon Pose

It is a great stretch for the IT band and periformis!

Tomorrow morning Michael and I are leaving bright and early to go to Montreal for New Year’s! I m so excited.  I’ll be back blogging on Monday and have a little something special to share with you! So stay tuned!  Happy New Year Everyone!

Do you do a yoga sequence after your runs? Do you find it helps your strength and flexibility?  What is your favorite post run yoga pose?


9 thoughts on “Yoga Sequence For Runners!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for sharing the video! I admit that I didn’t listen to/watch the entirety, but if you’re interested in a yogini who fuses together yoga and endurance sports, check out Sage Rountree if you haven’t already. She’s already has the Athlete’s Guide to Yoga out, and a new book, Yoga for Runners is coming out in the spring. I’m actually not a fan of pigeon without props because it’s too easy to tweak knees. But, I’m a HUGE fan of double pigeon and figure 4, either supine, or standing. My lazy post-run stretches/asana consist solely of (not in this order) standing figure 4, uttanasana, half dog (with hands on wall and feet farther out than usual, so more of a calf stretch) to lunge with back knee bent to get into the hip flexors.


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Thanks for the comment!! I will definitely have to check out her site and books! Sounds like its right up my alley! I like pigeon with props to deepen it, I have very open hips. Half down dog on the wall is awesome!!


  2. Mattie @ Comfy and Confident says:

    Thanks for sharing the video. I find yoga so helpful for me to stay healthy when running. Often, if I am running a lot, my I.T. Band gets so tight and if I do not do yoga it gets significantly worse. The poses in the video are great for me to do at home instead of having to go to a yoga class.


  3. Candice says:

    Pigeon is my go-to pose, especially when I am sore after/before a run. In all honesty though, my favorite yoga pose post run is savasana 🙂 Enjoy Montreal!


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