Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Healthy Eats Before Christmas!

Happy Wednesday! I’m so excited, one more day of work left and then I head home for the holidays! I really can’t wait.  My family is Swedish so our holidays are filled with lots of Swedish foods like limpa bread, my Mom’s homemade Swedish Meatballs, red cabbage, beets, fish and potatoes.  It all contains lots of cream but it is so delicious.  Since I know my Mom will also be making an incredible Christmas dinner on the 25th the eating won’t stop on Christmas Eve.  This week I’m trying my best to stick to healthy meals and good for you options so I won’t feel so bad come this weekend.  A big thanks to Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting this party all year!

My newest breakfast obsession is oatmeal with lots of delicious toppings.  I don’t have a ton of time to eat breakfast each morning and making oats on the stove just isn’t happening.  I buy the Trader Joe’s brand of oatmeal and microwave it with water.  I add a splash of Almond Milk on Top with Almond Butter, Honey Apple Butter and some walnuts.  It is so delicious! And perfect on these cold mornings.  I also have a glass of orange juice.

Oatmeal with Almond Milk, Almond Butter, Honey Apple Butter and Walnuts

Some days I like to mix it all together and other days I like to leave it on top and pick and choose what I add to each bite!

Since I’m heading out-of-town for the holidays I decided to only grocery shop for the essentials so I wouldn’t waste any food.  I had lots of lettuce and salad toppings so that is lunch this week! It kind of worked out perfectly since salad is a healthy, low-calorie lunch option.

Salad with Organic Caesar Dressing and Veggie Chips on the Side!

I kept my salad simple with just some avocado and cucumber on top.  I use an organic Caesar dressing litely drizzled on top.  On the side I packed some Veggie Chips.  They are so delicious, except the green ones.  I’m not a fan of those!

Snacks this week have been fruit and some of my favorite Trader Joe’s holiday cookies.  I love the Joe Joe’s from Trader Joe’s (that is a lot of Joes!) and they make them chocolate dipped for the holidays! I always treat myself to a box of them.

Clementine, Banana And Chocolate Dipped Joe Joe’s!

I’ve been trying to keep dinner simple and delicious.  And quick.  I’ve been busy lately with holiday things, fund-raising, running, etc. so spending an hour preparing dinner is just not happening.  I grilled some thin cut boneless pork chops and baked some Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes on 400F for 25 minutes.  I put some homemade pepper relish from my aunt on the pork. It was quick and easy and delicious!

Boneless Pork Chop with Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes

I also wanted to share some of the delicious food Michael and I had at Legal Seafood on Saturday in Boston!  We celebrated our Christmas by getting all dressed up, going to dinner and my gift was to see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular! It was a great night! At Legal we got the Legal Experience as an appetizer and 6 raw oysters.  We don’t normally get things like that so it was a special treat.  It had two shrimp cocktail, tuna sashimi, two shrimp wontons and two crab cakes!

The Legal Experience and 6 Raw Oysters!

We ordered a small salad and an entrée of mashed potatoes, broccoli, scallops, shrimp and sampler of tuna, salmon and swordfish all wood grilled.  We joke that we had the 7 fishes!  It was a delicious meal…thanks Legal Seafood!

How do you like your oatmeal? What are your favorite toppings?  What are your favorite holiday foods?  What are you looking forward to most and is a holiday treat? Are you eating healthy this week in preparation for all the holiday food?


7 thoughts on “Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Healthy Eats Before Christmas!

  1. Alexiasana says:

    great eats! thanks for sharing your whole day! i love oatmeal and my favourite toppings are almond butter and blueberry preserves or toasted sunflower seeds. so tasty! i am looking forward to my moms xmas cookies when i go home. she makes the best!


  2. Christine @ Oatmeal in my Bowl says:

    Glad to hear you had a good time in Boston. My hubby and I just went to sushi where I tried an Oyster shooter. They are not pretty. But don’t let the look fool you. they are pretty tasty. But most people have an issue with the texture thing. I don’t blame em (has a raw egg in it).

    Yeah for a pretty healthy holiday Wednesday. 😉


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