A Holiday Weekend and Tips For This Busy Holiday Week!

Hi Loves! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I most certainly did!  It was exactly what I needed.  Friday night we made my favorite Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup and laid on the couch watching Christmas movies.  Saturday morning I went to practice for Team in Training.  It was the last official weekend practice until the New Year.  It was a holiday themed run!  It was great to see everyone all decked out in red and green with jingle bells and Santa hats on running through the streets of Wellesley, MA.  We did a 6 mile run.  It was the perfect mix of hills and flat terrain.  The Team in Training Volunteers had an awesome water stop for us at mile 3.  It was complete with all of the best candies, water and Gatorade.

Team in Training Water Stop

Most of my runs have only been about 4 or 5 miles since the Chicago Marathon so 6 miles was my farthest in about 2 months.  I definitely fueled up on some a couple swedish fish, and a Starburst, and Gatorade at mile 3.  I felt good but was definitely feeling like I lacked speed.

6 Mile Run With Team in Training

Post run they had Bagels and Coffee for everyone so we could all socialize and celebrate the upcoming holiday.  I met some new people and enjoyed chatting with them.  I also got the chance to socialize with two girls who I am hosting a fundraising party with, Bridget and Lauren.  We have been emailing so much lately it was nice to get to chat face to face for a bit.  I’m having so much fun with all this Team in Training stuff and love how it’s introducing me to so many new, amazing people and reconnecting me with friends I’ve lost touch with!

Team in Training Practice

If you are interested in helping my fundraising efforts and supporting The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society please visit my fundraising page:


After practice Michael and I spent the afternoon relaxing.  I got caught up on loads of laundry and took a nap.  It felt great to nap and relax.  I have been so busy lately and this past week was really a struggle.  I needed to catch up on my sleep.  Saturday night Michael and I celebrated Christmas together since we will be apart for the actual holiday.  We got all dressed up and went to dinner at Legal Seafood.  Michael then surprised me with my gift which was tickets to see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular!  I saw the Rockettes when I was a little girl and was obsessed with the Rockettes.  I’ve told Michael that story and he thought it would be fun if we went together.  He was right, we had a great time!  I gave him a photo book I made from our trip to Chicago and the marathon.  It was a success!

Mike and I at The Rockettes

Sunday we went to my favorite yoga class at South Boston Yoga with David Vendetti.  I’m such a fan of him and can’t wait to take my teacher training with him!  His class is an hour and a half and completely challenging!  I leave his class drenched in sweat, completely relaxed and pleasantly exhausted.  It’s an incredible workout with tons of advanced poses.  We spent the afternoon relaxing and watching the Patriots game with his parents.  It was fun!

This week is going to be a busy week for many of you and myself included.  With only 6 days until Christmas your to do list is likely miles long.  So here is a few tips to keep in mind and help you get through the week…

Happy Holidays!

Make a To Do List.  

Remember it does not need to get done all in one day.  Break it up into small pieces you can reasonably accomplish in one day.  If you stick to your plan you’ll get through it all before Christmas!

Be flexible but make time for workouts.

You might find that it’s going to be hard to workout this week but do try to fit in some physical activity.  Take the dog for a walk or do 30 minutes of yoga at home if you can’t make the gym.  And listen to your body.  If you are too stressed and exhausted do not push yourself and go to the gym.  You run the risk of getting sick or injured.  If your body is really trying to tell you to stay home then you should.

Eat healthy when you can and don’t overindulge.

I have a ton of parties to go to this week.  All will be filled with delicious high calorie foods and trays of sweets.  My plan of attack is to eat a healthy breakfast of oats or cereal and fruit and a lunch of salad or veggies sandwiches.  At the parties I plan to really watch my portions and will try to skip going back for seconds!  I plan to pick one desert to try and leave it at that!  Create your own plan of attack to help you control your holiday eating.

Relax and Enjoy.

As stressful as this time of year can be I hope you all take the time to relax and enjoy it.  It only comes once a year and we put  so much effort into picking the perfect gifts, planning and making wonderful meals and decorating our homes and trees.  Enjoy the day and your family and friends, that is what the day is truly all about!

I leave you with some Monday Motivation…

Monday Motivation

How was your weekend?  Was it filled with Holiday activities? What is your advice to make it through this week?  Do you have a busy week?  How do you plan to handle the stress this week?


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