Happy What I Ate Wednesday! I Love This Party!

Happy Wednesday! I am so excited it is Wednesday.  Why? Because the work week is almost over and it’s almost the weekend.  Michael is giving me my Christmas gift on Saturday night!  We are going somewhere and it’s a surprise.  I was told to dress up.  I have my little black dress all set! I’m so excited!

Last week I had lunch with a friend and she was telling me how she loves the What I Ate Wednesday posts.   She said she finds them so interesting and finds it motivating that people really do eat meals of steamed broccoli and grilled chicken.  It’s not just what magazines tell you to do.  Real people do it and see real results.  It made me really happy to hear all that and reinforced one of the many reasons why I love doing these posts! Thanks to Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting this every week!

Breakfast this week has been a lot of variety.  Cranberry English Muffins are still a favorite as is Raisin Bran Crunch with Almond Milk.  My real favorite though has been some wheat waffles with maple syrup! Yum! A glass of orange juice on the side.

Wheat Waffles with Orange Juice!

I’ve been drinking tea on my way to work and am still avoiding caffeine.  I am so happy with this choice.  I eat a banana at work around 10am.

My lunches have been more of the same.  Sandwiches and veggie chips.  This one is oatmeal bread with turkey, american cheese, lettuce, avocado and red pepper humus!

Chicken Sandwich with humus and avocado. Veggie Chips on the side.

My snacks haven’t changed much either.  Although to be honest I’ve really been only eating the clementine.  My appetite has been a little off lately.  Usually I’m ravenous but these days I’m content with less.  I’m going with it and listening to my body.  There is no sense in giving it calories it doesn’t need!

Clementine, Chobani Yogurt, Granola Bar

On Saturday night Michael and I went to his curling club.  Yes, he is a curler.  There was the US Nationals Mixed Double Tournament being played there so we went to check it out.  Since I love all things winter sports I have no objections to this.  And everyone is really nice and friendly, lodge is kind of awesome and the beer is really cheap.  Afterwards we decided to go out to dinner.  We went to this BYOB restaurant in Needham, MA called Sweet Basil. Let. Me. Tell. You.  It is absolutely delicious.  I love the way the restaurant is decorated.  The kitchen is kind of right in the middle of everything and there is an awesome buzz in the dining room.  I got a Baked Beet Ziti with Squash Raqout and Gorgonzola Cheese.  Yes, you read that right Beet Ziti.  Nothing about the dish was particularly healthy but it was so so good!  We shared a cesaer salad for an appetizer.

Beet Baked Ziti with Butternut Squash Ragout!

Clearly the portions are absolutely huge so I ate almost half which was still a lot.  They packed up the left overs and we brought them home.  Funny thing about those left overs.  We stayed at Michael’s house this weekend and all day Sunday I was thinking about those leftovers and decided they would be Monday’s dinner.  So Monday morning I get up and shower and get ready and remind myself to not forget the leftovers! Well what did I forget? You guessed it, the leftovers.  I think I nearly cried in the car when I realized I forgot them.  Lucky for me I have the best boyfriend in the world! He brought them over and put them in my fridge so I could enjoy them Monday night like I planned! He is the best.  And thankfully he knows that the way to my heart is food and also knows a million amazing off the beaten path restaurants to take me to! Again, the best. Thanks Lovie!

What are you all loving this week? Do you eat an afternoon snack or do you skip it?  Have you ever had Beet Ziti? Do you enjoy trying new restaurants?  


8 thoughts on “Happy What I Ate Wednesday! I Love This Party!

  1. Kathleen says:

    I have to eat an afternoon snack otherwise I am ravenous before dinner and that is never a good thing! I don’t do a mid-morning snack, because usually my breakfast is hearty enough to hold me over for 3-4 hours. Favorite afternoon snack though is a apple with cinnamon + a “heaping” T of any sort of nut butter!


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