5 Tips to Stay FitFluential This Holiday!

Oh Tuesday! This is the hardest day of the week if you ask me.  But the good news is, this is my last full week of work until the new year! And tonight is our department Christmas party.  I’m ready to get in the holiday spirit! It has been pretty warm here in Boston and there hasn’t been any snow yet so it feels more like November and less like December if you ask me.  Hopefully that feeling will change!

I want to share with you some tips for staying FitFluential through the holiday season.  It is a very busy time of year filled with very tempting food and sweets all over the place! It is no excuse for giving up on working out and throwing all those good eating habits out the window.  This is just a great time of year to challenge yourself and your resolve to remain healthy and active.  So here’s 5 tips to help you out!

Find a Holiday Race.

We would all much rather be out drinking egg nog and swapping gifts than at the gym this time of year.  So to help get you in the holiday spirit and to keep you active sign up for a Jingle-Bell or other holiday themed race! Make this a tradition with your friends and plan a lunch or brunch after.  You’ll be so happy you went for a run and got into the holiday spirit!

Run a Holiday Road Race!

Find Your Inner Cook.

With so many parties to attend and lots of good food around it’s going to be hard to stick to a diet.  Find holiday recipes online that are healthy and delicious.  Offer to bring a dish to your next party and plan to make that.  At the party you then have one dish you know is healthy! Pair it with salad and other healthy options on the table for your meal.  The same goes for dessert! Find recipes that use greek yogurt instead of butter and only eat one or two.  You’ll leave the party feeling so much better!

Find Healthy Recipes!

Set a Drink Limit.

It is a fun time of year and people tend to get carried away with alcohol.  This can add a lot of unnecessary calories to your diet and leave you feeling hung over the next morning.  Set a limit for yourself.  Maybe one or two classes of wine. Or if your someone who likes martini’s have your drink and then switch to water.  You will thank yourself the next morning!

Limit Your Holiday Drinks!

Keep Your Schedule.

Do you always go to the gym on Tuesday nights for a class?  Do your absolute best to keep going.  Don’t let your to-do list keep you from getting to the gym.  In fact the gym should be on your to do list! Working out regularly will keep you from gaining those dreaded holiday 5 pounds! If you can’t make your usual class, rearrange your schedule.  Could you go in the morning before work? Or on your lunch break? Or switch your rest days.  Find a way to get to the gym.

Schedule Your Workouts!

Rest and Relax.

I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to some vacation time around the holidays! I do so much in a given week and am so excited to have some down time.  Get your workouts in but make sure you let yourself rest, relax and enjoy the holiday season.  Sleep in on Christmas morning and spend sometime curled up by the fire reading.  As important as it is to stay active, it’s important to rest too.  If your feeling run down and exhausted you need to listen to your body and relax, or take a nap or sleep in.  It’s all about balance!

I hope these tips will keep you all healthy and active during the holiday season.  It’s a challenging time of year but it’s so important to find balance!  Happy Holidays!

How do you keep the balance during the holidays? What is your favorite healthy holiday food?  Do you do a Jingle Bell run?  What is your advice to keeping balanced this holiday season?


4 thoughts on “5 Tips to Stay FitFluential This Holiday!

  1. Heidi Murphy says:

    Great tips here, I am just trying to stay on track as much as I can while realizing that it is the holidays and a little off track is okay! Moderation – as you mentioned – is everything and then being ready to take on lots of goals in 2012!!! : )


  2. Tiff says:

    Great tips. I hope to get a little R&R in as well, but sadly, I don’t get much time off work. I’ll work with what I’ve got though. 🙂

    By the way, I love that santa run pic. Too cute!


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