Yoga for the Ages! Literally!

Good morning loves! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was filled with some fundraising for Team in Training, watching some curling at Michael’s curling club, good food, a nap, yoga and fun.  I really can’t complain! I LOVED all of your comments on Friday! It was great to hear how you all manage running in the dark, overcoming your fear of darkness and using reflective gear to help make you feel safer.  At least we know none of us are alone in our fears!

Today I wanted to share with you this article that a co-worker of mine shared with me.  It’s about a 91-year-old woman who still teaches and practices yoga.  She ask’s the question “Why Should I Quit?”.  Her name is Bernice Bates and she amazes me.  I honestly hope that I live to be healthy and happy at 91 years old, let alone be able to still teach and practice yoga.

Bernice Bates, 91 Year Old Yoga Instructor

She is the Guinness World Record holder for oldest yoga teacher.  She started teaching Hatha Yoga in 1960.  She once taught children and adults and at 91 she still teaches.  She leads a weekly hour-long class at the Mainlands Retirement Community Center in Pinellas Park, Florida where she lives.  The age ranges in her class are 60 to 90 year olds.  Some of the students practice while sitting in a chair.  The class goes through about 12 poses she says and ends with relaxation.  She gives them handouts and encourages them to practice at home.

She says the following about yoga,

“You’re not just standing on a treadmill and going, going, going and you get off and can hardly walk,” she says. “Yoga itself means yoke, that’s to join. We join our mind, our body and our spirit in everything we do.

“Yoga gives you flexibility like you’ve never had before, and it makes you healthy because you’re working on the whole body, inside and out,” she said.

She attributes a healthy, active lifestyle with keeping her healthy and says she’s never really been to the doctor except for regular check ups.

I think this is so encouraging.  It’s just another example of how yoga can really help each of us lead healthier, stronger, and happier lives.  The benefits are amazing.  I also love how she attributes her health and ability to practice at 91 to living a healthy, active lifestyle.  I’m always encouraging all of you to be doing this and I know so many other bloggers out there are sharing tips on healthy eating, and workouts and keeping the balance.  Bernice is just a living example of how healthy living can have such positive effects on all of us.

I hope you will all read the full article here (I promise it’s not that long).  And since it is Monday, I hope this encourages you all to sign up for a yoga class or two this week and schedule in sometime to hit the gym or get moving! Being active is the key to healthy living!

Have you signed up for a yoga class this week?

I leave you with the answer to her question, “Why Should I Quit?”

“As long as I can do it and be a help to someone else, I’ll just stay as long as I can. I get a joy out of seeing someone learning.”

Do you hope to be healthy and active at 91? What are you doing NOW to make this a reality?  Have you scheduled a yoga class and time to be active this week?  How was your weekend?  What was your highlight?


5 thoughts on “Yoga for the Ages! Literally!

  1. candicepeak says:

    Such an awesome woman! I hope to be as active as she is at 91 years old. I try to go to a class at least once a week to compliment my running. I really want to make an effort to make it twice a week if possible. I really do see the difference not only physically, but mentally as well when I regularly practice yoga.


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Hi Candice! I think if you went two days a week you would notice even more of a difference! I go about 4 times a week and if I have a busy week and can’t make some I notice it so much. Particularly in my ability to respond emotionally to things. I hope you pick up some more classes in 2012!


  2. savasana addict says:

    Thanks for your post. Not only do I find it admirable that she’s still teaching and is so fit and healthy at that age, but wow, how much yoga knowledge must she have accumulated in her decades of teaching?? I’m so impressed… and of course really looking forward to 60 more years of teaching then 😉


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