Keeping Healthy During the Holidays!

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all having a spectacular Tuesday.  I know many of you lead busy lives, and are constantly running from one thing to the next.  We try to squeeze in workouts and work full-time and be good to our families and friends.  We want time to ourselves and time for our hobbies.  Quite honestly, it’s exhausting. With the holidays now in full swing and the list of holiday parties and events growing and our shopping lists getting longer we are bound to feel more and more busy.  To make matters worse, the temperatures are dropping and cold and flu season is upon us.  Before we get wrapped up in the holiday season and stressed out lets discuss some tips to help you all stay healthy!

Get Lots of Rest.

I know I know, your to do list is longer than normal with Christmas around the corner but this is essential!  Take the time to let yourself rest.  Relax for 20 minutes or so before turning off the light and heading to bed.  Read, or watch TV but don’t try to tackle your to-do list.  Allowing yourself a chance to relax and a de-stress helps you to sleep better at night. Sleep is our bodies chance to recover both mentally and physically.  You’ll likely be more productive with a good night’s sleep!

Stay Hydrated. 

With so many cold and flu viruses going around this time of year it’s easy to get sick.  Drinking water or tea will help your body function properly and will keep toxins moving out.  If you’re a runner, a yogi or just hit the gym a few times a week this is important for you.  Our bodies lose significant amounts of water during workouts and it is therefore vital to replace.  Being even the slightest bit dehydrated will cause you to experience symptoms like headaches, tiredness and possibly nausea, and who needs that at the holidays?! For more detail on hydration, read this post…The In’s and Out’s of Staying Hydrated.


It’s Ok to Say No.

With so many holiday events going on, you are likely not going to make them all.  Don’t increase the stress in your life by committing to too many.  It’s Ok if you need to stay home for a night to catch up on rest or let your body recover if you’re feeling down.  People will understand.

Wash Your Hands.  Often.

We hear this one all the time but it is important to staying healthy.  Think about all the things you touch throughout the day.  Money, the bathroom door handle, the kitchen counter, counters at the checkout, handrails, your desk.  All of those surfaces have germs, viruses and bacteria on them.  Wash your hands often to kill the bacteria and germs you pick up.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose and face with dirty.  This gives the bacteria and virus a stronger chance of entering your body.

Wash Your Hands

Keep Warm.

Don’t head out in to the cold without being properly prepared.  Cold feet and hands makes it harder for our bodies to keep us warm.  This in return can weaken our immune system.  A strong immune system is the key to staying well.

Keep Warm!


Working out regularly keeps our bodies healthy, and our minds strong.  Be sure to schedule time throughout each week of this holiday season to go for a run, get to yoga class or hit the gym. It will help your body to de-stress, which will keep it strong.  Keeping yourself moving during the holidays will help you to avoid gaining that dreaded holiday weight.  And hitting the gym keeps your immune system working at its best.  It is has been proven in studies that those who were exercising before they experienced illness often had fewer symptoms and were sick for fewer days than those who had not been exercising! Releasing those endorphins produced during exercise will help ease your stress and beat those holiday blues!


Eat Well.

This is vital to staying healthy.  Our bodies need nutrients to keep us moving and healthy.  While it is great to indulge here and there during the holiday season you certainly cannot do it everyday.  With Thanksgiving over now it’s best to avoid making sweets until closer to Christmas.  Skip meals that are high in calories and fat.  Stock your fridge with fresh fruit, vegetables and lean protein like chicken and fish and fill your cabinets with whole grain.  These foods will keep your body strong, fight illness and give you the nutrients you need.  Allow yourself to indulge again in the few days around Christmas!

Fruits and Vegetables!

Take Your Vitamins.

Taking a multi-vitamin each day will ensure your body is getting what it needs.  Most multi-vitamins have calcium, vitamin D and vitamin C, and iron just to name a few.  All of these will help to keep you healthy.  When you are feeling the onset of a cold or flu give your body some extra Vitamin C to help boost your immune system.  This will bolster your Vitamin C levels and help your body to rid you of any illness much quicker. I like the Emergen-C 1,000mg Vitamin C packets.  I keep them at home, in my purse and at the office so I always have them handy should I feel myself getting sick!

Emergen-C Vitamin C

Relax and Have Fun.

This is my favorite piece of advice.  Try to relax during the holidays.  This is a great time of year, there are so many festivities going on, people are jolly and friendly.  Don’t stress out so much that you miss out on all the fun the holidays bring.  Enjoy your family, your friends, your decoration, the delicious meals you’ve made and all your favorite parts of the holiday season!

What is your advice for staying healthy during the holidays?  How do you beat the colds and flu’s going around?  How do you stay stress free so you can be healthy?  


4 thoughts on “Keeping Healthy During the Holidays!

  1. candicepeak says:

    I used to swear by the Emergen-C stuff before big swim meets and championship meets when I was swimming in college. The most important part of our season was from December-March (prime sickness time) AND I went to school in Wisconsin (super cold!) so I did some serious stocking up on Emergen-C and hand sanitizer. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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