Post Thanksgiving Healthy Living!

I hope this finds you all well-fed and well rested after a full day of family, friends and football!  If you’re like me you may have taken an extra scoop of mashed potatoes…ok maybe two extra scoops.  Or you may have indulged in an extra serving of pumpkin pie.  Or maybe, if you are really like me you let all eating rules go out the window and ate until your heart’s content! If you did, you’re likely feeling a bit guilty about over indulgences.  So here are a few tips to get you back on track!

Eat a healthy breakfast.

You’re probably wondering how you woke up hungry even though you went to bed stuffed! According to Runner’s World, this is because your body is so busy digesting your Thanksgiving meal that it enters your nighttime hunger state in the morning.  Basically your body is just a little off.  Start your day with a healthy breakfast.  Think fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, toast.  I’d say that pancakes, waffles, omelets are a little heavy for a post Thanksgiving breakfast.

Yogurt Parfait is a Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Breakfast!

Go for a long, slow run. 

What better way to burn off some of those added calories!  You ate a lot of carbs during Thanksgiving dinner…bread, potatoes, stuffing.  Going for a long slow run will allow you to burn upwards of 800 calories.  And with all those carbs you ate, you should have plenty of energy!

Running in Fall with the Colors is Gorgeous!

Not a Runner?  Try a Bootcamp!

If running long slow miles isn’t your thing, try attending a boot camp.  I know my gym is offering a complimentary boot camp on Friday morning.  If you’re traveling and don’t have access to your gym try creating your own!  Use a bosu to help you.  Start with toe touches on top of the bosu for 30 second intervals to get your heart rate up.  Try lunges, and squats, jumping jacks and hop-overs.  Aim for 30 second to 1 minute intervals.  Use some medium weights to target your arms and shoulders.  Try 8-15 reps and repeat 3 times.  Then do 3 sets of reps that only go half-way.  Throw in some push ups with the round side of the ball down.  Then use the bosu to focus on your abs.  Lift one leg and crunch, repeat 25 times and then switch legs.  Try a bicycle on the bosu.  And then try regular crunches and fully extended back and up.  Mix in some exercises between lifts to keep your heart rate high! You’ll burn off Thanksgiving dinner in no time!


Stick to your normal eating patterns.

Are you someone who eats 5 small meals a day or 3 larger meals a day?  Whatever your eating habits are you should focus on getting back to normal on Friday.  You may still be with family and friends but don’t sit back and drink and eat carelessly today. That is what yesterday was for!  If you stick to your normal eating patterns you’ll likely feel better sooner!

Don’t spend the day on the couch! Get the family outside!

If you’re spending the day with your family and friends and they aren’t athletes get them outside for a walk or a hike! The weather is usually beautiful in November with a nice chill here in New England.  It is perfect for driving to a seaside town and taking a walk or heading to the mountains in New Hampshire for a short hike.  If you’re in to shopping be sure to park towards the back of the parking lot to get some extra steps in.  Opt for the stairs, not the escalator or elevator.

Take the Family for a Walk!

What is your favorite activity the day after Thanksgiving?  How do you get back to normal? What is your post Thanksgiving go to workout? 


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