Product Review: Fila Space Dye Toning Resistance Tight Capri

A few weeks ago I was approached by Fila to test out their new product.  I said yes, as I’ve seen some of the Fila gear in Kohl’s.  I’ve been intrigued since the colors and styling are attractive and the price is right but I’ve passed in favor of some of my favorite brands.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try them out.  Thanks Fila and Launch Pad PR!!

Look and Styling.

When I first got the pants I was excited and slipped them on to see how they looked.  I asked Michael how they looked and he simply said, “Curvy”.  I looked in the mirror, shifted this way and that way, spun around and shifted some more before agreeing with him.  I’m not a very curvy person.  I have hips but for the most part I’m 5’9″, skinny and narrow in the hips and waist. The culprit of said curves was the stitching on the sides that I determined was for some compression.  Ok, so the mild un-attractiveness does have a purpose.  I did however, really like the gray space-dye color they sent me. It was a nice variation from the normal gray color you see in workout gear!

Front of the Capris

Side of the Pants

Back of the Pants

The Fit.

My other observation was that they sit high on the waist.  Almost to my belly button high!  I didn’t dislike this though, it was nice to make it through a bosu class and not have to pull up my pants or worry about showing the world my stomach and back when wearing a t-shirt.  During runs the added support in the abdomen was nice and comfortable.

My only complaint was that the distance from the crotch of the pant to my actual body was about an inch and a half.  So if the pants weren’t pulled up high enough it felt like I had something between my legs.  I think most women will agree, that’s not comfortable.  I will say though that after wearing them a couple of times and stretching them to my body that problem subsided.  Wearing them high enough on the waist is also key to mitigating this problem.

One thing I LOVED about these pants, was the way they designed the knees.  I have so many pairs of crops that hit at my knees and always ride up, bunch up or just shift around.  It’s annoying to say the least.  These Capri’s however have a lot of detail on the knee.  The front is longer than the back and there is some fancy stitching to ensure that the pants cup your knee just perfectly.  They never bunched, shifted or moved during my runs.  It was awesome!

Front of the Knees

Back of the Knees

The Fabric.

The material is rather thick and supportive but was still breathable and kept me dry during runs and classes.  I think because of the materials thickness, the pants were a touch warm.  They are perfect for fall, winter and spring but I think they would be too hot to wear come those New England summers with all the humidity!

Compression and Resistance.

The pants are designed to offer some compression and resistance.  I do not know if they offered any resistance to my muscles since I have no way of measuring that but I did notice the compression.  I’m generally not a fan of working out in compression gear.  I like it after but not during.   These however offered a nice amount of compression.  I felt supported but not as if I was being squeezed.  This was particularly nice while taking a Bosu class and doing lunges and squats!

Compression and Resistance Details

They retail for $55.00 and come in black, gray space dye (the color they sent me, which I really liked!), and a purple rain.  You can find them at if your interesting in getting a pair of your own!  I think these capris will be great for running and yoga and any fitness activity where moderate compression would be useful.  They would definitely be great for an activity where you wanted a good fit that won’t shift or move.  I’m looking forward to wearing them more on runs and in yoga classes!

Would you give these pants a try?  Do you wear any Fila products?  Do you like compression tight?


5 thoughts on “Product Review: Fila Space Dye Toning Resistance Tight Capri

  1. emadorein says:

    Hi Whitney! Great review! I’m so excited that you liked the capris because I’ve been searching for a new pair and this is exactly what I had in mind. I find most of my capris are far too baggy which can be annoying in classes and while I’m running but these are nice and fitted. Off to Kohls I go to get a pair! Thanks for the detailed review 🙂


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