Good News and a Mid-Month Update!

Hopefully you all enjoyed Michael’s marathon story, it was long but I found interesting and entertaining so hopefully you did too! I felt it was a nice change from the normal posts here on LiveRunLoveYoga.  So what have I been up to?  Well lots!  Let’s get you all updated!

The first is that I got accepted to run the Boston Marathon in April with Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! I am so excited about this opportunity and really excited to help this cause.  It seems like so many people I know have been impacted in some way by this cancer but I’ve also met some people who were able to beat the odds and fight for more time here with their friends and family thanks to the new treatment options out there.  I honestly hope that everyone who is diagnosed with this cancer can beat the odds and have more birthdays and that is in part why I wanted to run for Team in Training.

You may or not remember but about a year ago now, they changed the qualification times for runners for the Boston Marathon.  In part this was because more spaces were being given out to charity runners and runners ourselves are getting faster.  So more people were running for charity and more people were qualifying.  The marathon sold out in less than 8 hours in 2010.  Thus, the new rules were born.  Originally I was bummed as a runner about this, I was so close to qualifying with a 3:42 or better but with the new times it been increased to a 3:35.  Michael and I talked a lot about this.  He was grateful spots weren’t taken away from charity runners.  His sister had done it for charity and loved the experience.  We talked and talked and talked about this. And then one day Michael said to me, “Do you know how many people out there with cancer or another disease the marathon raises money for would love to run a marathon let alone take a few steps.  They are sick and they can’t.  But someone can raise money for their illness and give them legs for that day.”  I remember being in the car and looking out the window and thinking, wow.  So with that, I decided that I would run for charity if I missed the qualifying time at Chicago.  I’d help someone else with my love for running, I’d raise money to help find a cure for cancer and do it while running.  I’ve run two marathons, I had the glory of the day being all about me and what I accomplished.  I think now it’s time to turn over the day to help other people.  To help make the day about them.  And help find a cure for their illness.   Thankfully, Team in Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has given me this opportunity.

I’ve added a link to my fundraising page in the side bar.  If your interested in helping me, help those who are sick please visit my page.   Or if you know someone who has been affected by leukemia and lymphoma and would like to make a donation in their honor please visit the page.  75% of every dollar I raise will directly support research for a cure and provide financial assistance to families in our country struggling with the financial burden of treatment.  My goal is to raise $5000 and any little bit will help!

I’ll be blogging about the whole experience, I’ll share my survivor story with you all and all of my training ups and downs!  Your support is much appreciated!

Also here on LiveRunLoveYoga, I’ve been invited to be a FitFluential Ambassador! I’m super excited about this opportunity to work with Kelly Olexa and the rest of the FitFluential team to build a health living community.  The idea is to build mutually beneficial relationships between bloggers, the healthy living community and brands and most importantly promote a healthy living lifestyle!  They plan to host conferences and other healthy living events, all of which I am so excited to be a part of!  You can find out more about by visiting or by clicking the badge on my side bar!

So that kind of covers all that is new and exciting here! I’ll keep you posted as more new and exciting things happen but for now, let’s see how I am doing on my November goals!

More Yoga! I’m doing really good with this goal! I’ve been practicing about 4 days a week still and am really progressing with more advanced poses and actually am feeling stronger during hour and a half classes.  As for the blog, I still haven’t posted as much yoga posts as I’d like. I have some in the works for you all so they should be up soon!

Finish my book!  Yes, I am still reading Bethenny Frankel’s A Place of Yes. The good thing though, is that I have made a lot of progress through it! I got to a section that really resonates with me and the pages are zipping by.  My Kindle says I only have 30% left to read, I think this is definitely feasible by the end of the month.  I’ve really enjoyed reading at night as a way to relax and unwind from real life.

Try cooking one new recipe a week! This has really been a big fail! I’ve been eating out a lot and opting for my favorite go-to quick meals during the week.  It is something I really want to get back in to though.  Since I found out I’m running Boston Marathon in April I want to remain as healthy and fit as possible until then.  I’d also like to shed about 5-10 pounds.  I think this will really help my running and take me to the next  level.  It  certainly won’t be easy but I’m going to try.  I need to start training in mid-January so this will give me about 2 months to lose the weight.

Study for Personal Trainer Certification! My materials came last week and I’ve definitely gotten going.  I’m still trying to figure out the best way, and time for me to study.  I think in the morning before work for 45 minutes or an hour will be best but I’ve yet to try it! Regardless, the studying has started and this is definitely in motion!

Balance life and working out! I’ve been doing a good job staying balanced with this but am starting to feel a bit stressed out by all that is happening.  Blogging is really taking off and becoming very time-consuming.  I’m not complaining because it’s very exciting and I’m grateful for the opportunities coming my way.  Additionally I’m trying to study for the NASM exam and now with the Team in Training activities life will be a bit busy.  I’m a little worried about fitting it all in and doing my very best with all of it but I am sure it will all work out for the best!

I’d say I’m doing well with all my goals minus cooking one new recipe a week! But I do intend to get better with that!

That’s all for me today! Sorry for the long post…lots to share!

Have you done a marathon or half-marathon for charity?  Any good fundraising tips? Are you part of FitFluential? How are your November goals coming along? What do you need to focus on for the rest of the month?


10 thoughts on “Good News and a Mid-Month Update!

  1. Jenina says:

    Congrats Whitney! I’m also training for the Boston Marathon with the Marathon Strides Against MS Team. It will be great to read about how you tackle the training and fundraising as well 🙂 The FitFluential page looks cool, I’m going to look into it. Definitely keep us posted on the personal trainer studying, that will be a goal one day!


  2. Kelly Olexa says:

    I’m doing the same focus- trying to cook at least one new recipe a week. Otherwise, I’ll eat tuna and oatmeal every day bleehhh!! And yoga, OMG I love my hot yoga. Can’t wait until my shoulder is better and I can go back to it!


    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Thank you! I chose NASM just by looking around and researching them all. NASM is science based but not as technical as ACSM. I don’t have a kinesiology or exercise physiology background which I read proves very useful when studying for that one. So I went with NASM instead.


  3. candicepeak says:

    Congrats on getting a number! The LLS is a GREAT charity. I raised money for them in August of 2007 during a sprint triathlon. Make sure you take advantage of the training groups they have for the marathon. Running with someone else is much more fun and enjoyable especially when you are training for a marathon!


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