Monday! New York City Marathon Results and Other News…

Good Morning! Hopefully everyone had a fantastic weekend.  Michael and I had a really great trip to New York to spend time with my family.  It was filled with lots of relaxing…we spent most of the mornings sitting in the living room by the fire chatting and reading the paper.  It was also filled with tons of delicious food.  We had an amazing Italian dinner at this very authentic restaurant and then had lots of home cooked food for the remainder.  All of my mom’s delicious food will be on my What I Ate Wednesday post. Last night we went to a “Friends-giving” dinner at my neighbor and friend’s house.  It was really fun, and nice but left us still feeling full this morning thanks to St. Germain cocktails, a full turkey dinner and red velvet cake for dessert. Since It was so busy and fun I am a bit behind on posting this morning, forgive me please!

Michael and I have decided that our post marathon relaxation, recovery time is officially over.  One month after we have had enough lazy mornings, delicious food and drinks to feel gross and motivated to get back to our routine.  So to help keep us accountable I thought I’d share some of our new goals!

Eat out less, cook more and regularly grocery shop.

We tend to eat out a lot.  Sometimes more than two or three times a week.  This needs to stop.  We need to plan our meals more and have healthy options in our refrigerators so that we can throw together healthy, delicious breakfasts and lunches on the weekends so that we aren’t tempted to just head out for a bite to eat.  The reality is, we both prefer to cook and eat in! We just get lazy.  So this will be changing immediately.  Another bonus of this is that eating out is expensive!   And we are both starting to feel it.  With the holidays coming up, saving some money will be another motivator for us!

Get in at least one workout a weekend.

We have done this occasionally since the marathon but it’s not something we have been doing regularly.  We both are loving laying in bed and reading and lazy days.  I think after a summer of 5am runs on Sunday morning we earned the chance to catch up on some zzz’s and relax.  Michael has really started to become interested in yoga and I really want to keep running outside a couple of days a week.  With the time change daylight is no longer on my side.  It would be best to get one run in on the weekend.  So starting now you’ll find us in the yoga studio or out for a run on the weekends.

Give up coffee.

Yes, you read that correctly. Coffee has been making me feel gross lately.  It’s been making my stomach upset, it makes me feel gross and gives me a headache.  Yet, I continue to drink it daily and this weekend went so far to have 3 cups a morning.  Not good.  I’ve been thinking about giving this up for a few weeks and now is the time.  On my grocery list for today is ingredients for smoothies.  I’m going to try to drink a smoothie in the morning on my way to work and see if it makes me feel better.  On really cold mornings I will opt for herbal tea.  Michael is with me on this one too!

So Long Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Find a routine and stick to it.

We do really well when we follow a routine.  As soon as we deviate it that we tend to lose our momentum.  We both agree we need to just find what works best, and isn’t as extreme as say training for a marathon and stay with it!

So those are some of our new goals and changes we want to implement.  Some times it is good to realize what you’re doing isn’t making you feel great and reassess and set new priorities.  And what better time to do it then first thing Monday morning!

In other news, the New York City Marathon was this weekend! Congratulations to all of the runner’s out there!

Here’s a look at the results:

ING New York City Marathon 2011

Top 10 Men
1. Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) – 2:05:06 (4:47/mile pace)
2. Emmanuel Mutai (Kenya) – 2:06:28 (4:50/mile pace)
3. Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia) – 2:07:14 (4:52/mile pace)
4. Gebre Gebremariam (Ethiopia) – 2:08:00 (4:54/mile pace)
5. Jaouad Gharib (Morocco) – 2:08:27 (4:55/mile pace)
6. Meb Keflezighi (USA) – 2:09:13 (4:56/mile pace)
7. Abdellah Falil (Morocco) – 2:10:35 (5:00/mile pace)
8. Mathew Kisorio (Kenya) – 2:10:58 (5:00/mile pace)
9. Ezkyas Sisay (Ethiopia) – 2:11:04 (5:01/mile pace)
10. Ed Moran (USA) – 2:11:46 (5:02/mile pace)

Top 10 Women
1. Firehiwot Dado (Ethiopia) – 2:23:15 (5:29/mile pace)
2. Buzunesh Deba (Ethiopia) – 2:23:19 (5:29/mile pace)
3. Mary Keitany (Kenya) – 2:23:39 (5:29/mile pace)
4. Ana Dulce Felix (Portugal) – 2:25:40 (5:34/mile pace)
5. Kim Smith (New Zealand) – 2:25:46 (5:34/mile pace)
6. Caroline Kilel (Kenya) – 2:25:57 (5:35/mile pace)
7. Caroline Rotich (Kenya) – 2:27:06 (5:37/mile pace)
8. Isabellah Andersson (Sweden) – 2:28:29 (5:39/mile pace)
9. Jo Pavey (Great Britain) – 2:28:42 (5:40/mile pace)
10. Galina Bogomolova (Russia) – 2:29:03 (5:41/mile pace)

Additionally, Geoffrey Mutai  broke the course record.  Here’s what article had to say on Runner’s World:

On a nearly perfect running day—cool, sunny, little wind—Geoffrey Mutai ran a previously 
unthinkable (for New York) course record 2:05:06. The old course record, 2:07:43, was set 10 
years by Tesfaye Jifar. Mutai’s mark could easily last a decade as well. In Boston, he had run 
a still-hard-to-believe 2:03:02 with a favorable tailwind and downhill conditions. Mutai’s two big victories in un-paced marathons make him a strong favorite for next summer’s Olympic Games in London.

All I can say is, wow.  What an impressive year for men’s marathoning. The Olympics in London should be interesting to say the least.

On the woman’s side Mary Keitany lost her lead of almost a half mile to let Firehiwot Dado come in and take the lead.  After much speculation throughout the race that Keitany may break the course record it was surprising to see her lose her lead and finish with a 2:23:39.   Regardless, it was an exciting day in marathons!

For more information on the races and events check out Runner’s World New York City Marathon!  And again a huge congratulations to those who ran this weekend! You should all be so proud to have finished!  I’m looking forward to your recaps!

Hope everyone has a great week!


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