A Yoga Weekend! And other news…

Happy Halloween!  Oh Monday, it always seems to come too quickly!  Luckily this weekend was awesome, despite the fact that Boston got hit with a Nor’easter snow storm on Saturday night that caused our friends to cancel their Halloween party.  Snow in October? Really? Michael and I were bummed out but managed to have a great date night, unfortunately our costume has the shelf life of an hour as we were supposed to go as the 99% and the 1% and the whole Occupy Wall Street Movement. We ended up going to one of my favorite pizza places for dinner and beers and then came home to curl up on the couch and watch a marathon of Mad Men Episodes.  We are starting at the beginning and are completely hooked! So what made this weekend so awesome?  Let me tell you…

I took Michael to his very first Yoga class! I was really excited to share this passion of mine with him, and see what he thought of it all.  Michael decided he wanted to try yoga as a way to build strength since he is tired of his normal weight lifting routine, and thanks to an interview where Adam Levine discusses how he injured himself lifting weights and now solely practices yoga he thought it was cool enough to try.  We went to South Boston Yoga and took an All Levels Class that was an hour and a half.  Michael did great! I thought this class was pretty challenging and did some hard flows, and poses.  The instructor helped to align him a few times but he was able to keep up through quite a few chatarungas and standing splits.  The oms may have been a bit much for his first time but he will definitely be going back!

After yoga, I took Michael out for breakfast.  After breakfast we went to Lululemon around the corner. We both wanted some new pants.  I wanted another pair of the Groove Pants for yoga and hanging out.  They are the best pants and one pair is just not enough for hanging out and yoga classes.  Michael helped me pick them out but since I already had black ones, I wanted some gray ones.

New Groove Pants

What I really love about these is the herringbone detail on the waistband!

Herringbone detail on Groove Pant

I also got a new yoga mat this weekend.  Mine was looking a little but rough and was starting to smell.  It was time for a new one.  I picked up the Align Mat at Lululemon.

Align Mat

I love my new mat! It was lightweight, cushioned and sticky.  After our trip to Lululemon we headed home to relax before our night began. It was pretty much my perfect morning/afternoon!

On Saturday afternoon when we were relaxing I also registered for and bought the program the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Training.  Yes, I plan to take the exam and become a certified personal trainer.  Next summer I plan to start certification for Yoga Teacher Training.  Eventually I hope to become a full-time yoga instructor and personal trainer.  I’ve been thinking about this decision and what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take my life for quite some time.  I can honestly say that blogging has really given me the confidence and courage to make this dream a reality.  I know it will take some time and hard work but I’m excited to have a plan in place and get going.  Taking this first step to sign up and get the materials to start studying for the exam was a big deal to me.  It feels great to be taking the first steps to pursue something I’ve wanted to do for so long and am so passionate about! I’ll be sharing my experiences with the process along the way and will provide some updates on my progress from time to time.  I’m really excited for what lays ahead in my future!

Yesterday was completely relaxing, and productive at the same time.  We slept in, watched T.V., made a delicious breakfast and spent quite a lot of time designing some business cards to match my blog.  I owe Michael a big thank you for designing them for me! It’s quite helpful to have a designer with all the right tools as a boyfriend!  I wanted and need to have some on hand.  I find myself talking about and networking my blog quite a lot and think it would be a nice touch to give those people I speak with my business card.  I also want to share it on community boards at my gym, local yoga studios and healthy living stores.  It’s really inexpensive to do and really shows you are professional and serious about your blog.  I spent the rest of the afternoon reading and blogging while Michael watched football.  It was a great day!

How was your weekend? What did you do? Did the snowstorm ruin your Halloween plans? 


9 thoughts on “A Yoga Weekend! And other news…

  1. Samantha says:

    Congrats on your future endeavors to become a personal trainer and yoga instructor – that is such awesome news!!!

    The Nor’easter put a damper on our Saturday night plans as well : ( We were supposed to head up to NH to see some friends. Luckily, my sis lives fairly close to us and she was having a halloween party going on so we were able to make an apparence in our lame/unoriginal costumes as an indian and a preppy tennis pro haha — I am loving the Occupy costume ideas!

    I really want my bf to try a yoga class as well I think he’ll really enjoy it. There’s a studio near me called ‘Inner Strength’ that I used to go to and thought he might be open to it. If I’m successful I’ll have to post about his and my experience doing yoga together : )

    Not sure when we’re doing another Boston bloggers outing but I look forward to meeting you – it’s always exciting to meet fellow Boston bloggers! We’ll definitely have to plan a run together, too! Speaking of running, did you find out about making the charity team for the Boston Marathon?

    All the best!



    • liverunloveyoga says:

      Thanks Sam! I’m really excited about it and the whole process. I’m sure it will be exhausting and frustrating at times but I think in the end it will be very rewarding to do something I love everyday!

      I read your post today! You are so lucky that your sister is close. We considered going to a bar just to wear our costumes but Michael thought it would be too crazy and that’s not really our scene. Instead we went to Regina’s for pizza and watched Mad Men for hours snuggled on the couch. I think your costume sounds so cute! The Occupy costume came out awesome and would have been a hit for sure!

      I have not heard of Inner Strength but will definitely look it up! It was really fun and I love that he was willing to try something I’m so passionate about. He even sent me a Groupon thing to buy today so we can keep going together! Hopefully your boyfriend will like it too and join you…just tell him about Adam Levine and how he does yoga!

      I’m so excited to meet you and everyone else! I haven’t heard about the Boston Marathon yet, still waiting. My fingers are crossed! We could always plan a meet up before the next Boston bloggers event! Let me know!


      • Samantha says:

        I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you lady! And yes I 100% agree we should definitely plan something before another Boston Bloggers outing. I’m taking my LEED AP test next Saturday (Nov 12th) around noon so maybe like a get together after / in the evening for din / drinks? Let me know!


      • liverunloveyoga says:

        Thanks so much! Let me get back to you on that weekend…I took a vacation day on Friday and was going to do a long weekend away but we haven’t set anything in stone yet! Regardless dinner/drinks sounds awesome and we should definitely plan that soon…any other days/dates your free?


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