A Mid-Month Update!

Happy Monday Everyone!  I’m a little slow getting started this morning and didn’t have this post ready until this morning.  I was busy enjoying other parts of life this weekend.  Can you believe it is October 17th already?! Where has this month gone! Back in the beginning of the month I shared 5 facts about myself and set 5 goals for the month.  I’ll like to check in and see how I am doing with my goals.  So here we go…

My October Goals:

1.  Finish the Chicago Marathon with a goal time of 3 hours 35 minutes! This would allow me to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

2.  Relax and Enjoy the Chicago Marathon!  Michael and I have trained and prepared for this together, I can’t wait to share the experience with him.  I want to soak up every minute of the trip, see the sights of Chicago, and just have a fun time overall.  I think secondary goals are just as important as time goals and qualifying goals!

3.  Practice more yoga! I’ve been preoccupied with the Marathon and dropped a day of practice.  My goal is to get back on the mat and practice regularly. I also want to post more about yoga, the benefits and my experiences with it.

4.  Try one new recipe a week.  Michael and I have been cooking a lot and I have been baking too.  We were discussing this and thought all of our cooking lately was a product of the marathon and the idea that food is so important right now.  I’ve been having a lot of fun cooking and trying new recipes so I want to continue doing this once a week.  Plus I am learning a lot about cooking and think my skills are really improving!

5.  Finish a book.  I’ve been reading the same book, A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel since August.  I find the book interesting as it shares a lot about her life and what she learned from each of the experiences but the list of books I want to read is so long! I need to finish this a move on to the next one on my list.

My Progress:

1.  I finished the Chicago Marathon! I didn’t qualify for Boston or meet my goal time of 3:35 but I did run a 3:51:21 which is a PR for me! I had an amazing time running with Michael and it was an amazing experience.  You can read my recap here. I’m applying to run the 2012 Boston Marathon with Team in Training.  More on that once I get my application in and find out if I am accepted!  Success on this goal!

2.  Success! I did honestly enjoy every minute of my trip, and enjoy the marathon experience with Michael.  The first half-marathon was unbelievable. We saw so many sights of Chicago.  We did the architectural boat tour, we went to the Skydeck at the Willis Tower, we went to the Navy Pier, we shopped on the Magnificent Mile, and ate in great restaurants.  I have no regrets from the trip and will remember it forever!

3.  I’m getting going on this goal.  I went to my first class since the marathon yesterday.  It was a Vinyasa Class and it felt great to be back on the mat.  I definitely feel rusty.  I could not settle in to the practice and my mind kept wandering. I felt anxious in some of the longer poses. I know I’ll get back to a good place with yoga, I just need to stick with it.  I have 2 more classes I’m going to this week and hopefully will pick up a 4th.  As for posting about yoga, I have some ideas brewing and just need to get writing.  I’d say this goal is in progress but is on track.

4.  Cook one new meal a week.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job of this.  This past weekend I made a Lemon Chicken Orzo soup.  Michael made this for me when we first started dating but this was my first time making it on my own.  It was actually my first soup I’ve ever made.  It was delicious! I also made an apple bread again that was too moist the first time.  It came out much better this time, just needed to bake a little bit longer! I’m looking into some cooking classes as I want to try to meet some new people and would like to learn more about cooking.  This goal is definitely on track but something I need to be diligent about!

5. Finish a book.  I’ve been reading  A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel for months now.  I can’t seem to get through it and have not made much progress on this at all.  I’ve been busy blogging and doing other things in my downtime.  And I’ve been watching a lot of TV. I’ll give myself a pass on this one since I know I’ll get the bug to read soon and I’ll fly through that book.

How are your goals for this month going? Are there things you want to change or accomplish before the end of the month? Setting goals helps me to stay on track and not get sidelined by tasks or distractions that aren’t want I want to be accomplishing.  Hope everyone has a great week! 


2 thoughts on “A Mid-Month Update!

  1. Courtney says:

    wow so a lot of my goals for the month were similar but involved a half, getting back to yoga class and keeping up with my books!!

    awesome job on your PR and I am sure one day you will qualify!! I never see that in my future and I cant even tell you how much respect I have for people who want to do that, or have done it!


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