What I Ate Wednesday! Chicago Edition!

Can you believe it is time for another What I Ate Wednesday Party?! I have been in Chicago for a long weekend to run the Chicago Marathon.  It was amazing! I had so much fun sightseeing and exploring the city, loving their restaurants and food and taking it all in.  The Marathon was incredible and everything I hoped it would be and more.  The only downside? I caught a nasty, nasty cold on the flight there.  I’ve been coughing, sneezing, fighting a headache and runny nose since I crossed the finish line! Check out tomorrow’s post, it is a full marathon re-cap! For now, let’s get this party going with some Chicago meals from Monday.

Michael and I woke up Monday morning with the day to ourselves and free of the Marathon.  We slept in, lazed around a bit and then packed, showered and went to see the city! Michael found this amazing restaurant for breakfast called Yolk. It was a short walk from our hotel and had a million different eggs options for breakfast! I went with a Frittata, it was filled with onions, spinach, potatoes, and bacon and then covered with jack cheese and some rye toast on the side.  Michael had a scrambler with chorizo, avocado, tomatoes, mexican blend cheese topped with salsa and sour cream with wheat toast on the side.  We shared a short stack of pancakes! The coffee was delicious as well! If your ever in Chicago you should be sure to go there!

Popeye’s Favorite Frittata

El Torrero Scrambler

Short-stack Pancakes

The best part of breakfast? We sat across from 2 other marathoners.  They were from Florida and it was awesome to sit and chat with them about the marathon, what we liked, we would like them to do better, how our training went and how we all dealt with training in the summer heat.  I love chatting with other runners no matter where I am!

Later in the day we walked around and made our way to the Navy Pier to see what it was all about!  Turns out you can carry a beer around the pier, we thought this was great! So we each got  a beer, I chose the local 312 beer.  It’s nice and lite and very good!

Beers at Navy Pier!

We sat at the end of the pier and relaxed along the lake in the sunshine, it was the perfect place to relax for a little bit.  We then went to Garrett’s Popcorn and got a small bag of Caramel Crisp with Pecans!

Caramel Crisp with Pecans

Before heading to the airport for our late night flight we went to Giordano’s for some famous deep dish Chicago Pizza.  Michael and I shared a garden salad for starters and ordered the plain cheese deep dish pizza!

Deep Dish Cheese Pizza

It was really cheesy! And pretty good.  Definitely different from any kind of pizza you can get here in Boston! Doesn’t it amaze you how many different kinds and styles of pizza there are?

That’s all for me! It was quite the day of eating and everything was delicious but isn’t that the way your supposed to spend your last day of vacation? What did you eat over the long weekend?  What is your favorite kind of pizza? What restaurants do you love in Chicago? 


5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday! Chicago Edition!

  1. KellyB says:

    Ohhh my gosh! I was just in Chicago and totally had the intentions to go to Yolk, but it never worked out. I’m so jealous. It looks delicious. We did go to the Bongo Room for breakfast and it was to die for!


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