The Chicago Marathon! What I’m Excited About!

Well, as you are all reading this Michael and I are traveling to Chicago.  Thank goodness for the ability to schedule posts! I thought I would share with you all some of the things I am looking forward to this weekend!


The Marathon Expo!  We have to pick up our race packets and bibs.  We plan to walk around and check out the booths.  I particularly want to check out the Fit Studio booth as a result of some interactions with them via Twitter. I also plan to get myself a new running jacket and any other new gear that strikes my fancy.

An Easy 3 mile run Friday morning! We plan to run around Grant Park.  I’m excited for this, I like knowing my first run in Chicago won’t be the Marathon itself.  Being able to loosen up my legs from the flight will feel so good too.  The run will also help to calm my nerves and build confidence.

Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise!  The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend and what better way to see the city from the water!  Michael is an architect so this is was his idea.  I’m excited to learn about the city and what makes the Chicago Skyline so special.

The Ledge at Chicago Skydeck!  I think this will be awesome.  Seeing a city from every angle uninterrupted? Yes, please! It’s also the 8th tallest building in the world.  Visiting this will also give us some history of Chicago as well!

The Magnificent Mile!  I love 5th Avenue in New York City and Newbury Street in Boston so why wouldn’t I love this part of Chicago? We are staying right near here and I’m looking forward to being right in the hub of it all.  I definitely want to check out the Nike Town here.

THE MARATHON!!! I’m excited, yet calm about this.  I can’t wait to be at the start surrounded by the nervous energy, to FEEL the excitement as the runner’s cross the Start Line.  I’m excited to see 32 neighborhoods of Chicago, the sites, and the river. I can’t wait to see the different people of each neighborhood and what sets them apart from the next.  I can’t wait to bond with other runners on the course, be inspired by them and encouraged by them.  I can’t wait to encourage others.  I’m looking forward to overcoming the battles within myself that I will no doubt experience.  I’m looking forwarding to the final 3 miles, knowing I am almost there but have so far to go.  I’m excited to cross the Finish line and know my result.  I’m excited to get my medal and heat sheet and feel relief and pure happiness. I can’t wait to share the marathon experience with Michael and kiss him at the finish and swap stories and share our emotions from the day with each other.  I love marathoning, and can’t wait to do it again!

Celebration Dinner!  Michael’s parent’s have made dinner reservations for us at a steak house for a celebration dinner.  I’m excited for this part of the trip too.  I know we will have a great time telling his parents our stories, enjoying a glass of wine, eating to our hearts content and reveling in “our day”…after all Marathon day belongs to the runner’s who put so much time and effort in to experiencing the day and accomplishing our goal.

Monday!  Michael and I have this day all to ourselves.  We will be stress and worry free. I’m looking forward to getting our copies of the Chicago Tribune from the newsstands. We plan to explore the city and do whatever we feel like and eat all the foods we were too afraid to try before the Marathon.  I’m sure the day will go by so fast, but I know it will be fun.

I’m sure there will be so much more to love about this trip that I can’t even anticipate right now.  I also can’t believe it has finally come! I’ll be sure to post on Tuesday with a race recap and to share my results. I’ll also share some of my highlights from the city itself.  For now, I’m off to enjoy Chicago and the experience of the Chicago Marathon!

Any places or suggestions of things we must see or do? What is your favorite part of Chicago? What is your favorite part of Chicago Marathon?


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