Monday, Monday, Monday!

Good Morning All! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is feeling fresh and ready to go for the week! I got over my Monday morning blues pretty quickly and am ready for this week! I don’t have a full post on a specific topic but rather a few thoughts to share…

This weekend’s long run was 12 miles since we are now tapering, see Friday’s post,  for the Chicago Marathon.  It WAS nice and cool here in Boston with high’s in the 60’s and a cool breeze and then a warm front came in and brought temperatures back to the high 70’s with 90% humidity.  Let. Me. Tell. You.  Running 12 miles in that after enjoying some fall running weather is TORTURE. So needless to say the run did not go very well.  Additionally my legs are insanely heavy and tired. I think it’s a result of the taper…more on this later though as I’m investigating!

We had a great weekend relaxing after our run.  We checked out the Fluff Festival in Sommerville, MA. We had a good time and ran in to a friend of ours from a running group.

Fluff Festival 2011

We ended up having an impromptu dinner and drinks with my cousin which was really nice, relaxing and fun! Yesterday was filled with family, homemade Sausages and more food than you can imagine, and the Patriots (we won’t talk about that though, it was just embarrassing).  The highlight of my weekend though was relaxing and getting plenty of rest so we will be ready for Chicago Marathon!

Lastly, I joined the #runchat on Twitter last night.  It was my first time participating and I have to say it was awesome.  It’s great to get to chat with other runners, and other bloggers.  Everyone was so encouraging of each others goals and accomplishments and it was nice to vent out our complaints of fellow runners.  I think a few people may have gotten a different perspective on certain things, cough…running skirts…cough,  and I hope it may have  changed their opinion.  If your on twitter and a runner, I would recommend joining in.  The next one is October 9th!

That’s all I have for today but check back tomorrow and the rest of the week for more posts, product reviews and a What I Ate Wednesday Post (hint: I’ve tried multiple new foods this week and will be sharing my thoughts on them)!

How was your weekend? How did your runs, and races go? What did you do with your free time this weekend?  Have a good Monday!


Any Thoughts, Suggestions or Similar Experiences?

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