What I Ate Wednesday! Meals from a Saturday Rest Day!

I love What I Ate Wednesdays! They are so fun and I really enjoy taking pictures of food from a whole day and find that it makes me think more about what I eat.  I want it to taste good, be healthy and look good too! Michael and I had plans for a down weekend.  Just quality time together, good food and lot’s of rest.  Did you see yesterday’s post about enjoying a rest day?  So here is what we ate!


I want to a farmers market at lunch and got lots of delicious vegetables! Michael went to Bob’s Italian Food Imports and got us some Italian Marinated Steak Tips, fresh rolls and some fresh cheese! We made steak sandwiches with fresh corn and potato chips from the fresh potatoes at the farmers market.  It was so delicious!

Steak Tip Sandwich, Corn on the Cob, Fresh Potato Chips

Saturday morning we made pumpkin pancakes with fresh peaches from the farmer’s market! We used Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake and Waffle Mix which is delicious and has the recipes right on the back…

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake and Waffle Mix

It was so good!

Pumpkin Pancakes and fresh peaches!

We were out and about Saturday…see my post about enjoying a rest day…and stopped at this little hole in the wall pizza place…

Armando’s Pizza and Subs

The pizza…particularly the Sicilian was out of this world but I got one of each style to try both!


We went apple picking, and stopped at my favorite farm, Wilson Farm to get groceries for dinner.  We made a Lamb Ragout with Polenta! We used the fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market and fresh lamb.  It was good and filled with fresh fall flavors and kept us warm on a cool fall night!

Lamb Ragout with Fresh Vegetables and Polenta

I also made a fresh homemade apple pie with some of the apples we picked! It came out wonderful and was the perfect ending to a weekend filled with good foods!

Homemade Apple Pie!

Do you all spend more time planning and enjoying meals on the weekends when you aren’t so busy? Do you cook and use local fresh foods that are in season for your cooking?  

I can’t wait to see what you all ate! Happy What I Ate Wednesday!


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