A Mid-Month Update!

It’s the middle September so I felt like it was a good time to update you all on myself.   I started the month posting 5 facts about me and 5 goals for the upcoming month.  Did you miss it? No worries…you can still read it here! I think it is good to check on yourself and your goals.  So I’m doing a mid-month update ! So here we go…

It’s been a busy month.

Goal: Stay focused on Chicago Marathon!

My long runs for Chicago Marathon are LONG.

September Training Plan

We have done 16 miles, 20 miles and another 16 miles.  We wrap up the LONG runs this weekend with a 20 miler.  Following that we have just a 12 mile and 8 mile long run…easy. Not only are our weekend runs long but the weeknight one’s are too.  Most average about 8 miles.  I find this HARD to do after commuting about 2 hours a day, working a full day and then managing to eat well and do everything else.  I’m exhausted.  I’ve dropped a day of yoga, and all I want to do is come home and lay around. I sit at my desk and yawn all afternoon.  I fall asleep at 9:15 PM with the tv on or a book in my hand.

My foot, remember I mentioned I had plantar fasciitis? Yeah, it’s back. My foot kills me.  I keep massaging and icing and taking a combo of ibuprofen and Alieve.  I try to carefully pick out shoes in the morning but they all hurt.  In addition, everything is sore from all these miles.  Particularly my quads and my right hip.  I stretch…lots!  This marathon is kicking my butt! I’m looking forward to the taper starting next week and know it will all be worth it but really does this week need to be so darn long?!

On the upside, my need to rest has me reading and blogging a lot.   I feel like I have some good things for you all coming soon.  So stay tuned!

Goal:  Start doing What I Ate Wednesdays!

I’ve been motivated to cook lately and have made some delicious meals for myself and have been enjoying the left overs.  Leftovers for lunch are SO much better than sandwiches!  I’ve yet to make and try the Green Monster drink, it’s still on my to-do list. I have done What I Ate Wednesdays every Wednesday this month!

Goal: Be more social!

I’ve made some effort to do this.  Sunday I had the day to myself and went to the Sowa Open Market in Boston with my friend Zack.

Boston Sowa Open Market

We had a good time at this event, and I’d encourage anyone in the Boston Area to come check it out. We also went and got my “Toms Size”.  I’ve been wanting a pair of Toms for so long now.  With my foot killing me and everyone saying how comfortable they are I thought it was worth a shot.  So I picked out these:

Silver Morocco Toms

They will be here on Friday! I’m excited.  I also went to dinner with a girl from my office, she’s a fellow runner.  We had a good time and I was able to show her around a new-to-her neighborhood in Boston.  Michael and I also went to a house-warming party for his friend, I got to meet some of his long time friends and their spouses.  I think we can say I’ve been more social!

Goal:  Continue my self-exploration!

I talked a little bit about how I wanted to continue my self-exploration.  I’ve been working on this a little. Some decisions I made for myself have been reconfirmed in the last few weeks.   It’s comforting to have them reaffirmed even if it is frustrating and a little bit upsetting.  I’m motivated now to get some of these new things in motion, it’s just a matter of finding the energy!  I’m trying to channel my frustration into energy to get these things in motion, it’s working!

Goal: Live Life and Be Happy!

I’m tired, but I’ve been doing this. It’s nice to enjoy the simple things.  Lately I’ve enjoyed reading a little more frequently (if only for 5 minutes before I fall asleep!) and just relaxing.  We’ve been watching Mad Men on Netflix…I’m really in to it.  This weekend we are going apple picking and I’m dying to make an apple pie! I also can’t wait to sleep in on our rest days. And, I’m determined to enjoy this weekend’s 20 mile run. It’s the LAST LONG RUN!

All in all I’ve stayed on track for this month’s goals!

How are your goals for the month going?! You still have time left to improve on them!


Any Thoughts, Suggestions or Similar Experiences?

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