One Month…and a To-do List

Today is Friday September 9th.  Exactly one year ago today I went on my first date with my amazing boyfriend Michael.  A running date. At the time it seemed funny to me, but I was thrilled to be doing something I loved with someone new.  It was a success.  About a month after that I ran the B.A.A. half-marathon here in Boston.  It was a cool but beautiful fall morning.  My friends had planned to come watch but life got in the way. Michael did take time out of his busy life (he was finishing grad school) to come cheer me on and spend the rest of the day with me.  I was pretty thrilled by all this.  He cheered me on and helped me to PR in the half-marathon with a time of  1:41.38…I was SO excited!

I ran sub 8 mins in the BAA Half, it inspired me to try to BQ!

After the race when we were walking to the car Michael turned to me and told me that he’d really like to run a marathon someday, as a personal challenge. I perked right up and said I want to do another one! I said that Chicago was the next one I wanted to do and he simply said “Let’s Do It!”.  We never really discussed whether or not we should do it again, it was already decided. So on February 1st I called to wake him up and register for the Chicago Marathon…I woke him up at 6:45am for this…it didn’t sell out for another 20 some days but I was excited!  Back in June we started training together, both with the goal to Boston Qualify. We have had quite the journey and a lot of fun.  Now, here we are 1 month away from the running of Chicago Marathon on October 9th, 2011. I’m feeling a lot of emotions about all this.  The biggest feeling is that I’m thankful to have met someone who shares my passion for running and is willing to endure the challenge and pain of a marathon, I’m anxious, I’m nervous, I’m scared, I’m thrilled and I’m excited!

So in preparation for race day Michael and I made a one-month list.  All the things we need to do in order to be ready on race morning.  I thought I’d share.

1.  Keep Running! We have a 16 mile run this weekend, another challenging week of monster month next week with our last 20 mile run and then we begin a taper for the final 3 weeks.

2.  Rest! This month is tough. We are trying to eliminate as much stress as possible, lay on the couch, sleep well, ice our injured muscles and stay focused and positive.

3.  Stay Healthy! I did 9 miles in the POURING rain the other night. It was cold and I failed to wear a rain jacket. So I was freezing the whole time. I woke up the next day with a horrible headache and a cough. Not good. Luckily I drank lots of tea and had some of these:

I’m feeling much better but need to keep it that way.  So these will be part of my morning routine until race day!

4.  Pick our race day outfits out and run in them for one of our final runs! This is more for Michael. I’ve already picked out the Dash Tank II in heathered royalty and the Run: Speed Skirt in black for my outfit. It’s super comfortable and breathes well.  I also got the Shape Me Sports Bra in royalty to wear.  I’ll review all these products soon! I do need to decide between a hat or headband and if I’ll need arm warmers.

5.  Order Rocktape and test it during a long run! I love this stuff…I recently used it during a 36-hour relay.  It survived sweat, rain, showers, and everything the whole time.  It’s much more comfortable than my knee brace which absorbs sweat and moves around on my long runs.  I also need to brush up on their videos with taping instructions.  I may try taping my foot for plantar fasciitis as well.


6.  Plan our trip! We have most of this done, flights and hotel are booked.  We need to plan our days leading up to the marathon.  We have our final run to do on Friday and we also need to go the expo to pick up our packets.  We also want to check out the sites of Chicago.  We’ll be doing the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise tour on Saturday morning but need to decide what else we want to see.  We also want to plan in some down time and naps back at the hotel so we can rest our legs. We also need to look in to restaurants so we can eat appropriately!

7.  Choose our fuel! We have been training with Clif Shot Bloks but we need to decide on a flavor and pick some up for our trip! I’m thinking the Cran-Razz Flavor!

Clif Shot Bloks Cran Razz

8.  In the week before we will begin to carb-load. More on that later though as there is some interesting research out there for this!

9.  Look for our confirmation numbers and marathon information packets in the mail! According to the website they mail these out 2 to 3 weeks before the race and should be here in mid-September. I’m psyched for them to come and find out my number and the race details!

10. Get Excited, and Motivated! This seems funny to add to our list but I think it’s important.  The last month before a marathon is HARD! Your sore, tired and the runs are LONG! We still have a lot to get through before the big day but I really want to be sure we enjoy the last month of our journey and each run we have left. It’s all part of the experience!

I’ll keep you all posted as we get closer to race day and of course keep your eye out for a marathon recap post! Happy running everyone!


2 thoughts on “One Month…and a To-do List

  1. herrsolera says:

    I too am running this race (my third Chicago marathon, fifth marathon overall) and am also extremely excited to reach the 30-day countdown. Good luck with the rest of your training and safe travels!


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