A new month, new goals and a little about me!

As most of you know I am new to the blogging world.  Since starting this blog I’ve joined twitter and been trying to get my words out to the world.  I recently took part in a Fit Blog Chat on Twitter.  I “met” a lot of really interesting and impressive people and found some really awesome blogs to check out.  I noticed that everyone shares some of the details of their lives. I liked it, I felt like I got to know a little bit about the person behind the blog.  While I don’t intend to make my blog overly personal I do want to share my running experiences, lessons learned and some of my advice.  In doing that I think it may be helpful for you all to get to know me a little bit! And since its Friday and a long weekend I thought today would be the perfect day! So here goes…

Facts! I’m going with 5 since there’s 5 days in a week and it is Friday!

I’m training for Chicago Marathon which is on October 9th, 2011.  I’m training and running with an awesome running partner, my boyfriend Michael.  It’s his first marathon, my second.  He injured his hamstring water-skiing at my summer-house back in July.  It’s been challenging for him to keep training, fight through the pain and try to recover in PT.  It’s been challenging as running partners since I am healthy.  I’ve learned patience and the difference between encouraging and being a drill Sargent.  It’s been challenging to not let his injury affect my workouts and goals.  We are learning, succeeding and getting closer from the experience…all good things in my book!

I hope to qualify for Boston Marathon at Chicago.  I’ve not admitted this goal in a public place yet, keeping it mostly to myself, Michael, family and good friends.  I’ll be disappointed if I don’t make it but know that it’s a hard goal. I’m on the line by training to qualify in 3:35:00.  The qualifying time is 3:40:00 so I have only a 5 minute buffer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

I ran sub 8 mins in the BAA Half, it inspired me to try to BQ!

I live in Boston, commute an hour to work and an hour back home but love the city more than anything and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Wednesday night we went and saw the Boston Ballet perform with the Boston Landmark Orchestra on the banks of the Charles River for FREE…really where else do you get that? Boston is awesome!

Boston! Such an great city!

I claim to eat super healthy, which for the most part I do but I do love pizza from Salvatore’s in Boston, it’s delicious! I also am a huge sweet addict…Trader Joe’s Ice Cream anyone?? I also am having a love affair with Berryline! It is embarrassing how quickly I racked up 10 frozen yogurts to get a free one…embarrassing.  In general, I love good food. My parents are ridiculous cooks so I was raised with it and now I just can’t go back.

My 25th Birthday dinner! So much delicious seafood!

In real life I am science geek.  I majored in Chemistry and worked for GE doing research, then for big pharma doing testing and now doing technical support for an instrumentation company…HPLC’s, Mass Specs anyone?

Goals! It’s a new month and I like setting new goals to accomplish…so here’s the one’s for September!

Stay focused on Chicago Marathon! I need to keep training, and keep building speed.  I’ve been kind of lazy in August, just getting in the minimum runs necessary and doing yoga 2 days a week.  Beyond that I’ve been doing lots of resting, sleeping and blogging.  September is monster month and I really want to push through and get fast!

Start doing What I Ate Wednesdays! I checked this out yesterday and want to give it a try!  I also want to try some of your healthy dessert options that you all share and post.  I think I might try a green juice too! I’m in a food rut and need more variety! Look for updates on this in WIAW posts!

Be more social!  I get busy, I get focused on my goals and when I get home from work at 6PM the 4 or so hours to do what I want are incredibly precious. I do workouts, I blog, I catch up with friends, run errands, make dinner, see my boyfriend and attempt to read.  The time goes quick and when this happens I fall off the bandwagon with seeing friends, and trying to make new ones.  My goal this month to be more social.  I have a friend from yoga class who I want to grab coffee with, the last time we did that was July! And I want to have a double date night with my awesome friend and neighbor and his partner.

Continue my self-exploration! This summer has been a big summer. I’ve done  a LOT of thinking about who I am, what I want to be and where I am going in my life. I’ve taken some risks in my career and with starting this blog.  Most importantly I’ve figured out what I want in life and have started a plan to get it. I want to keep working toward this goal and putting myself out there to see my aspirations come to life!

Live Life and Be Happy! I get wrapped up easily in the big picture (see goal above, this is a counter-balance) and forget to enjoy where I am and all the awesome things happening RIGHT NOW.  I want to enjoy September, the fall, our last few long runs, apple picking, cider, cider donuts and all the other amazing things fall bring us!



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