Update! When Should I Replace My Running Shoes?

You may have recently read my post When Should I Replace My Running Shoes? I mentioned that I write the date of my first run on the heel of my shoe in Sharpie but lack the responsibility to keep track of my miles and replace them before it’s too late.  I’ve managed to replace them again, when it’s too late.  A couple of weeks ago I started getting mild pain in my heel.  At first I thought it was from wearing non supportive sandals or flats since it did not hurt when I ran.  I kept running and did not think much of it. Then I started getting pain in my heel when I stepped out of bed in the morning, and it hurt.  And then on my recent 20 mile run I felt the pain in my heel on my first step.  It’s never good to feel pain less than a mile in to a 20 mile run.  As I continued running the pain started to spread to my Achilles, calf, knee and hip.  I was compensating for the pain in my foot and other parts were beginning to hurt.  I toughed out 6 miles and finished my run on the elliptical. I was mad, frustrated and unhappy.

The next day I went and bought new running shoes at Marathon Sports.  I told my sales clerk about the pain in my foot and she said it sounded like plantar fasciitis.  I agreed with her because everything I read that day indicated the same thing. The good news was that she thought my sneakers may be the problem! I overpronate, a lot.   As a result I need a stability shoe.  I run in the Women’s Mizuno Wave Inspire 7.  The shoes have an altered heel angle to control overpronation.  This heel angle is created by two very firm, hard plastic plates.  As the foam and cushioning wears down with mileage your foot will begin to strike these plastic plates.  And in my case, the pain in my foot was directly where the plastic plate is.  My clerk at Marathon Sports told me that some new shoes with better cushioning, some ice and rest and stretching of the tendons in my foot should solve my problem.

I took her advice and went home, iced my foot and fell in love with my new friend that I bought at Marathon Sports, the Surefoot Foot Rubz Massage Ball.

So I have been massaging and icing each day while at work.  It’s multi-tasking!

With my new shoes and diligence in icing and massaging I was able to run 24 miles last week pain-free! Success! My advice….take my advice and replace your running shoes on time so that you don’t injury yourself and have any bad runs for reasons that could be avoided!


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