Live Run Love Yoga

You may ask how would an avid runner find their way to yoga and develop a passion for it?

As many runners know over-training is a common phenomenon.  Over-training causes many injuries within runners, to this day Iliotibial Band Syndrome is the most common overuse injury among runners and I am a sufferer of this.  Aside from the common injuries I think most runners would say they deal with the aches and pains of running on a regular basis.  We may have a nagging knee pain for a couple of days and then tightness in our calves the next.  Most runners are familiar with “The Stick” for massage purposes to relieve some of the pain and there is the foam roller which is growing in popularity.  Among all runners, I think we all look for some relief from the aches and pains of the miles we put on our minds and bodies. I’m not any different.

Yoga provided my body and mind much-needed relief after I ran my first marathon.  I had been practicing for a few months while training for the marathon and was always grateful for the stretching and relaxation that I could experience in 1 hour.  It wasn’t until after I finished the New York City Marathon with a severely aggravated IT band and all the other pains a marathon can give you that I realized how wonderful yoga is for runners.  Yoga stretched my IT band and allowed my muscles to relax and recover in a non-impact environment.  It allowed my mind to be free of the stress of a workout program and relax, yoga was a chance to unwind and just “be”.

I’ve continued to incorporate yoga into my training programs.  It continually allows me to stretch my muscles and gives me a great recovery workout.  With styles like Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga and Forrest Yoga I am able to double my yoga workout as a chance to stretch and recover but also build and maintain strength with my own body weight.  Yoga has sculpted my body to be lean and strong.  With many different styles and locations to try yoga it allows me to never get bored. The various flows ensure that each practice will always be different.  I have found that yoga is the perfect complement to the miles of running that I put on my body and mind.

I hope to share all that I have learned through my years of running, and yoga practice.  I would like to share training experiences, share my reviews on new products I’ve tried, review any running races I’ve competed in and any new yoga classes or events I have attended.  The yoga and running pages include links and information about free yoga classes, and yoga studios I enjoy as well as running groups in Boston.  In the future I’d like to have some guest bloggers on to share their experiences and thoughts on either running or yoga or perhaps both!

Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions and make any suggestions!

Live Run Love Yoga!


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