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Coffee Talk Wednesday August Edition


Each month I make an effort to catch up with my girlfriends.  We usually chat the evening away over dinner and I love hearing about their life updates, their highs and lows and sharing all that’s happening in my life too.  We may not chat everyday but our monthly catch ups fill in the gaps.  I like doing the same here, especially given that my life is so much more than morning runs, yoga sessions and barre workouts!

So how’ s life been?  In a word, busy. But it’s all good stuff so I really can’t complain. Between new jobs,  summer time, weekends away and our wedding in 3 months we’ve been go, go, go.

I’m just over a month into my new job and so far I’m really liking it.  It’s a big change and culturally very different from my last job.   I don’t have set hours so I can start my day between 8 and 9am and wrap up between 4 and 5pm depending on if I worked through lunch or took a lunch. It’s really nice to have flexibility with my schedule.  My last two jobs both had very rigid schedules so it’s nice to be able to set my hours.  It’s also amazing to have weekends and evenings free!  Another huge change has been the length of my commute.  My last two jobs both had commutes that were an hour or longer so 30 minutes feels like a breeze!  The added free time in my life certainly helps me to feel less rushed and more relaxed.  I have more time to focus on relationships, wedding plan and time to myself.  I also love what I do at work so all around it’s a welcome change!

You may have seen on Instagram that we were in Saratoga a few weekends ago.  We went for the weekend and had a blast.  I was able to celebrate my birthday with my parents and spend time at the race track with Michael and his family.  I love going to the backstretch in the morning to see the horses working out and getting baths!  It’s a relaxing weekend all around.  We also spent time at the beach for my birthday, and hosted a barbecue for our friends.  This weekend is my bachelorette!  I’m so looking forward to celebrating my upcoming nuptials with my girlfriends and family.  We’re keeping it low-key at my request with a beach day followed by dinner at my house. I’m looking forward to hanging out, chatting and having some fun!   We’ll wrap up the summer with one final trip to Saratoga over Labor Day weekend.

Saratoga Mornings!

Saratoga Mornings!

September will be filled with wedding planning, my bridal shower,dress fittings and vendor appointments!  Now that we are at the 3 month mark there are lots of details to work out, favors to be assembled, and much more.  We’ve been loving the process and having a blast together as we create our day.   I’ll definitely be sharing details after the wedding but for now I’m really just trying to enjoy the moment and share the experience with Michael. I do post little snippets of the planning on Instagram and will definitely be posting more as we approach the big day.  So if you are curious you can follow me there!

Tablecloths and Place Settings!  Such fun setting our tables!

Tablecloths and Place Settings! Such fun setting our tables!

I will say though, that I am feeling some pressure to feel and look my best for our big day.  I know I’m putting the pressure on myself but who doesn’t want to look and feel their best on their wedding day?  I’m trying to lose a couple of pounds just to tone up a bit but I must say it is a challenge!  We definitely eat out and indulge more in the summer plus with weekends away, my bachelorette and other fun festivities it’s harder to cut down on portions and stick to healthy choices.  It’s a good learning experience for sure as I don’t usually watch my diet as closely.  I’ve been using My Fitness Pal to track my meals and calories and love how aware it makes me of my portions and the foods I choose.  Mindful eating is the way to go.  I haven’t changed my workouts much as I am really happy with the balance I have right now and the way I feel.  I’m in a happy place with my runs, yoga and barre and really look forward to each workout.  It doesn’t feel like something I should do, or have to do.  I am planning to try to increase my barre workouts from once a week to twice a week after Labor Day.  I love the results I see from those workouts and find them to be really fun and a great stress reliever.  Ultimately I know I’ll look amazing on my wedding day as I’ve yet to see a bride who isn’t glowing and beautiful.  It’s just my own personal goal to look and more importantly feel like my best self.

Barre N9ne!

Barre N9ne!

Ok friends, I’m off to get my Wednesday started!

Tell me, how has your summer been? What has helped you to feel and look your best?

Things I’m Loving Lately Summer Edition!


Every time the seasons change it seems that there is a whole new set of things I’m loving.   My food shifts a bit, my workouts shift, my clothes change and sometimes even my bath products change.  Obviously the weather has every thing to do with these changes and now that summer has arrived I’ve shifted yet again.  I thought I’d share a few things I’m loving on these long, hot and humid summer days!

New workout gear from Lucy. 

I’ve reviewed some of their stuff before and loved it so when they asked me if I was interested in testing some new products I jumped at the chance.  They sent me the Worth the Weights pants and tank.  I really liked both.  The pants are really light weight, just like the Breeze on By Crop they are perfect for a cool summer morning.  The Worth the Weights tank is ultra supportive and perfect for any type of exercise.  I’ve been wearing it on runs, to barre and for yoga.  The real thing I’m loving about Lucy though is their sports bras.  There was a mix up in one of my orders and I ended up shipping something back.  Last week a gift card for the value of the item arrived in the mail.  I headed to my local Lucy store and decided to get a few new sports bras.  They were having a big sale so I was able to get two of them with my card.  The bras are ultra comfortable and extremely supportive.  I feel like this is a rare combo, anyone with me here?  I got a more supportive one for runs and a fun yoga one with cool straps for yoga and barre.  In the summer I wear looser workout tops and have to wear a sports bra with them, in the winter I tend to opt for the style with built-in bras. So needless to say my new bras have been getting a lot of wear!  I love them!

photo 2

Lightweight tanks and tops for warm summer days. 

I’m a huge fan of tanks in the summer and much prefer them over t-shirts.  I recently replaced a few of my older summer tops with new ones from Ann Taylor Loft.  They had a great sale and I was able to score 5 new tops for $50.  A super good deal if you ask me.  The tops are really soft and comfortable.  I’m so happy with them!

photo 1

Smoothies for days. 

Warm weather makes me crave smoothies.  I’ve been drinking them regularly for months now but I couldn’t leave them off the list!  I love stocking up on local greens at farmers markets and the like for them.  There is nothing like fresh spinach, kale and lettuce in a smoothie! I like to add mango and pineapple in the summer for a refreshing twist.  I also recently started adding a little plain greek yogurt to them.  I love how thick it makes them.  The other bonus is that they also fill me up more!

photo 2-1

Shea and Cocoa Butter Baby Oil.

I bought a bottle of Johnson’s Shea and Cocoa Butter Baby oil awhile back.  I had read it’s more moisturizing than lotion so I wanted to give it a try.   It was the middle of a cold, dry winter and my skin did not love the switch.  Now that it’s warmed up a bit I decided to try again and I love it.  It feels lighter than lotion and I feel like the more I use it, the more moisture my skin has.

photo 1-2

Zoya Nail Polish in Summer Shades.

My mom turned me on to Zoya and I love love love it.  It’s free from nasty chemicals and much better for your nails.  I ordered a few new colors and love them.   I’ve been digging Blu and Whitney.  They are perfect for digging your toes in the sand!

photo 4

POPSUGAR Must Have Box.

As you know, I’m a POPSUGAR Ambassador.  As part of the program they sent me their June Must Have Box to check out.  I’ve seen boxes like this all over and was curious as to what it was all about.   As soon as I knew it was arriving I was really excited and couldn’t wait to see what was in it.  It was really fun to try out some new products.  I’ve been loving the lotion that came with it and the wrap is super cute on cool summer nights!  Actually, I felt the box was everything you’d need for a day at the beach!  The boxes seemed like a really fun way to treat and surprise yourself each month!  I’m thinking I might sign up for this as soon as I become a Mrs.  Until then I’ll be putting my money towards the wedding.  For those of you who aren’t planning a wedding you should check it out and use code JUNESELECT10 to get $10 off a 3-month subscription.   The code is good through June 30, 2014.  And in case it wasn’t obvious, POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

photo 3

What are you loving for summer?