As you read my blog you’ll find that I frequently post advice and lessons I have learned.  I have been running for more than 10 years, competed in college athletics and have regularly been practicing yoga for 3 years.  I have learned many lessons, and acquired lots of tips and tricks along the way.  It is my advice from my experiences that I share.

I am an avid reader and have found many articles about yoga and running. I’d like to share them with you and what I  learned and took away from the article.  Unless quoted I am sharing my ideas and opinions on the subject and what I learned from the article.

I’d like to review products I’ve bought that I love and hate.  Unless I have stated that the product was given to me to review all products were bought for myself, with my own money and used for running and yoga purposes.  I have chosen to review them.  All opinions I share are my own.

I am a 200-hour registered yoga instructor and NASM certified personal trainer.   I live to run, love yoga and share what I have learned from my experiences.



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  1. I just started jgging back after a while and I felt the running itch…… After reading your writeup on it I felt reliefed that its a normal thing. Thanks so much.

  2. I really like your blog.I regularly visit your blog for latest updates on Yoga. I’m myself a fitness trainer & It has really helped me in upgrading my knowledge about fitness.I also write Articles on fitness & yoga & I want to share the Article with your readers.So please let me know how I can send the same for the review.

  3. Hey Whitney,

    First up, what a fantastic, and inspiring blog! this is such a great way to share your passion for running and yoga, as well as all the amazing lessons you’ve learned along the way.

    It’s so lovely to connect with other bloggers who are as passionate about running and healthy living as I am. I love running, and can’t wait to complete my first half marathon! I’ve also just started yoga, and think it’s the perfect compliment to running: I love that I get to stretch, breathe and just zone out.. it’s so rejuvenating and relaxing.

    Keep blogging!

    Kloe x

  4. Hi! Just started reading your blog today (after seeing it on Matt’s website). I really like what I have read.
    I am a runner and would like doing some yoga on the side. So, reading your blog is wonderful.

    I see you wear a knee bandage quit a bit in your pictures. What injury have you had with your knee? Also, what bandage do you wear and do you like it?
    I am having reoccuring knee issues and I am really frustrated with it. I love to run and think I should be wearing something while I run. I have had xrays and and mri and nothing can be solved.
    I would love your input and thoughts if you don’t mind.

    Thanks and I look forward to reading more.

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad that you like my blog! I do wear a knee strap. I almost pulled my IT band in 2009 when I ran the NYC marathon. I wear it to help with that since my pain occurs where the IT band connects at your knee. I use the Q-Baby strap for most of my runs and really like it. For long runs and for my races I use Rock Tape. That is kinesiology tape and works amazingly! I would talk to a physical therapist since they recommended the strap for me and showed me how to tape my knee. It really helps! Thanks again for reading!

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