The Beginning

Sports and fitness have always been part of my life. I grew up taking ballet, playing soccer, skiing, water-skiing and hiking. I competed in Division III cross-country running and Division I Nordic skiing in college and maintained a level of intense training and competition.  For a short time after college I joined a development team for Nordic Skiing and tried to train and compete at a high level all while working. I quickly realized I needed a change and set out to find a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.

After losing my job due to the economic crisis in 2009 I had some down time and first discovered and explored yoga and Pilates.  I immediately fell in love.  That spring I decided I wanted to accomplish another goal of mine, run my first marathon. I discovered that running and yoga went hand in hand.  I injured my IT band while training for that marathon and could barely walk.  Yoga was one activity that eased my pain and loosened my sore, tight muscles so I could hit the pavement the next day. I ran and finished my first New York City Marathon in 4:03:50!

Mile 8

Running in the NYC Marathon!

The Journey

Since then my love of running and yoga has grown daily.  The New York City Marathon sparked a love of running for me. I’ve since found myself running a half marathon almost every spring and fall.  My half marathon PR was at the B.A.A. Half-Marathon in Boston with a time of 1:41:38 back in 2010.  That race was so exciting and motivating that my boyfriend, Michael, and I decided that day to run the Chicago Marathon in October 2011. We trained throughout the hot summer together and my training went exactly according to plan.  I finished in a time of 3:51:21!  It was one of the best running experiences I’ve ever had!

Michael and I at the Chicago Marathon!

Running Chicago had me so excited about running that I wanted to do another marathon.  I signed up to run the Boston Marathon with Team in Training.  I ran in honor of Michael’s Aunt Joanne and raised over $6000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Marathon Monday had temperatures in the 90s with blazing hot sun.  While my pace was significantly slower than my goal time I was still very happy and proud of my 4:35.27 finish time!  It was an experience I’ll never forget and I know I’ll be back to run Boston again someday!

Finisher of the Boston Marathon!

When I wasn’t out putting miles down on the pavement I was busy chasing down my love of healthy living.  I knew I wanted and needed to make career change but with a degree in Chemistry it wasn’t going to be easy.  I started by building a resume for myself and gaining the needed credentials to make a change.  I knew I had a lot of knowledge about training and exercise but no certificate to prove it so I became an NASM certified personal trainer in April 2012.  I was also pursuing my other passion, yoga.  I was constantly taking yoga classes, deepening my practice and introducing myself to everyone I met at yoga studios.  In August 2012 I began my 200-hour yoga certification at South Boston Yoga.  Over the next 6 months I’d spend every other weekend in the studio learning the history, philosophy, anatomy and asanas of yoga.  It was a journey that took me deep within myself and taught my so much about yoga and life.  In January 2013 I became at certified yoga instructor!  While the transformation of yogi to yoga teacher was occurring I also finally made a career change.  In September 2012 I left Chemistry behind and began working with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Team In Training.  You truly never know where your love of running will take you.  Today, I work as a Campaign Coordinator working with runners, triathletes, cyclists and hikers to raise valuable money to fight blood cancers while helping these athletes to cross finish lines at endurance events around the country!  On Wednesday mornings from 6:30 to 7:45am you can find me teaching yoga at Roots Yoga in Burlington, MA!  It feels incredible to finally say I love my job!

Side Crow Pose

Side Crow Pose

2013 also brings with it the title of Athleta Sponsored Athlete! I’ll be working with the Athleta Store in Burlington, MA to host local events and try out the latest and greatest gear.  You can stop in to the local store and join me for free run clubs, yoga classes and check out my mannequin wearing my favorite Athleta clothes!


I hope to complete the rest of the Big 5 Marathons. I have 2 more to go including London and Berlin.  I also hope to run the Nike Women’s Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon.  A dream of mine is to BQ with a sub 3:30 marathon time! I’d also like to become a certified running coach.  Someday I hope to open my own yoga studio.  I’d like to work with runners, athletes and yogi’s to and combine my love of running and yoga!

Feel free to comment on my blog and join as a follower! Thanks for reading!

Live Run Love Yoga!


CPT, 200-hour RYT

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  1. Loved learning more about you- especially since we have so much in common! I’m a D1 cross country runner and I can’t wait to run the Nike Women’s marathon!! Awesome blog :)

  2. Hi! Inspiring story, I am glad I found your blog. I combined running and yoga one month ago on a two month journey to discover the benefits. The combo leaves me feeling euphoric, satisfied and accomplished/confident. It is better than chocolate and wine! I hope to learn from your posts and continue following. Congrats on the career change.

  3. Hello Whitney! I am so happy I have found your blog, it is a huge inspiration for me! Congratulations on your big achievements! I am a starting runner and yogi, falling gradually in love with both, and people like you are big role models for me! Thank you!

  4. So glad I found your blog!! I just got my personal trainer certification and am really starting to look in to yoga teacher training!! I completely agree that yoga and running go hand in hand… it is the #1 way I combat my IT band issues. Excited to be your newest follower.

  5. I discovered yoga during my unemployment stint in 2009 too. It couldn’t have come at a better time! So glad I found your blog (via C’n’C) and **Good luck** in Boston!!

  6. Good story… Good luck with the Big 5. Inspirational! I too am an avid yogi who has recently started running again in my late 40′s. I love the combination of the two. Have you tried any yin yoga? Long held poses that stretch the connective tissue around the joints. I put together poses particularly for runners and it’s a good yin and restorative practice during the week.

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  9. OH FUN! I am so glad I found you – a fellow Bostonian who loves to run and loves yoga-ish workouts (my love of barre classes is what I mean by “ish”). SUCH a good combo with running, isn’t it?? I’m running my first marathon this fall – and it just so happens to be Chicago!! SO SO SO excited!! Looking forward to reading more! :)

    • Thanks Jessica! Barre classes are great too! I do love them. I ran Chicago last fall! Check out the category Marathons and Running! You’ll see my reviews and training plan and recap from the race and lots more! You picked a good one!

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  11. Hello Whitney! I noticed that you joined Boston Bloggers (Erin JUST sent the email talk about fast stalking skills on my part haha). I love that one of your goals is to run the big 5 races – that’s inspiring! I just ran my first half (the B.A.A) last Sunday and I plan on running a couple more before the Boston Marathon <– first marathon and I ma running on a charity team (Marathon Strides Against MS). I look forward to following your blog and reading about your running/yoga journies!

    PS what running club do you belong to? I might joing L street running club but not sure yet.

    ~Sam @

    • Hi Sam! I love your fast stalking skills, it’s impressive! Congrats on running the B.A.A. Half! I ran that last year and PR’d there. It is one of my all time favorite half marathons! That’s great your running Boston for Charity. I’m applying right now to try and run with Team in Training. We will see if I get in…keep your fingers crossed! Boston being your first marathon will be amazing! I will definitely be following your blog! I run with Social Boston Sports Community Runs. They are the perfect way to start your week with runs of 3,5, and 7 miles. I actually just stumbled upon the L street club, literally, I went to the bathroom there during a 20 mile run and they were all meeting up, I was like um, is this a running group?? They were so nice and asked me and my boyfriend if we wanted to run with them. Turns out they were doing the same loop we were and the volunteers doing the water stops offered us some. I’ve been meaning to check it out since then. If your ever looking for a running partner let me know…you should have my email now!


      • I hope you get on the Team in Training! If so, does that mean you’ll run the Boston Marathon nexy year??? Ahh so exciting we’ll definitely have to run together at some point. My friend is on the L street running club and told me so many great things about it. The downside is I don’t live near Southie so parking / meeting up might get tough. But I do live right near the commuter rail so it’s a possibility : ) Looking forward to meeting you at the next bloggers outing!

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