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  1. There are a number of very effective sports sleeves out there which may make it a bit less labor intensive and better for your knees…and you can use them in any sports activity if you just want light support and warmth…I’m referring to a thinner stretchy sleeve as opposed to the thicker knee compression options. Dave

  2. Thanks for reaching out to my and visiting LiveRunLoveYoga. I personally have never wrapped my knees for yoga, you’d have to try that out for yourself. I’d speak with your doctor about the knee issues and see what s/he recommends. Sorry I can’t me of more help!

  3. I wrap my knees in Ace bandages every time I go running now. Once I began to take running seriously I noticed I would get a little bit of an ache, and the bandages make a huge difference. I do yoga every once in a while, but have just gotten a membership to a new place. I was wondering if it would be weird to wrap my knees for my yoga classes, because yes, there is kneeling. And I just think it would help. Thoughts?

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