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Coffee Talk Wednesday August Edition


Each month I make an effort to catch up with my girlfriends.  We usually chat the evening away over dinner and I love hearing about their life updates, their highs and lows and sharing all that’s happening in my life too.  We may not chat everyday but our monthly catch ups fill in the gaps.  I like doing the same here, especially given that my life is so much more than morning runs, yoga sessions and barre workouts!

So how’ s life been?  In a word, busy. But it’s all good stuff so I really can’t complain. Between new jobs,  summer time, weekends away and our wedding in 3 months we’ve been go, go, go.

I’m just over a month into my new job and so far I’m really liking it.  It’s a big change and culturally very different from my last job.   I don’t have set hours so I can start my day between 8 and 9am and wrap up between 4 and 5pm depending on if I worked through lunch or took a lunch. It’s really nice to have flexibility with my schedule.  My last two jobs both had very rigid schedules so it’s nice to be able to set my hours.  It’s also amazing to have weekends and evenings free!  Another huge change has been the length of my commute.  My last two jobs both had commutes that were an hour or longer so 30 minutes feels like a breeze!  The added free time in my life certainly helps me to feel less rushed and more relaxed.  I have more time to focus on relationships, wedding plan and time to myself.  I also love what I do at work so all around it’s a welcome change!

You may have seen on Instagram that we were in Saratoga a few weekends ago.  We went for the weekend and had a blast.  I was able to celebrate my birthday with my parents and spend time at the race track with Michael and his family.  I love going to the backstretch in the morning to see the horses working out and getting baths!  It’s a relaxing weekend all around.  We also spent time at the beach for my birthday, and hosted a barbecue for our friends.  This weekend is my bachelorette!  I’m so looking forward to celebrating my upcoming nuptials with my girlfriends and family.  We’re keeping it low-key at my request with a beach day followed by dinner at my house. I’m looking forward to hanging out, chatting and having some fun!   We’ll wrap up the summer with one final trip to Saratoga over Labor Day weekend.

Saratoga Mornings!

Saratoga Mornings!

September will be filled with wedding planning, my bridal shower,dress fittings and vendor appointments!  Now that we are at the 3 month mark there are lots of details to work out, favors to be assembled, and much more.  We’ve been loving the process and having a blast together as we create our day.   I’ll definitely be sharing details after the wedding but for now I’m really just trying to enjoy the moment and share the experience with Michael. I do post little snippets of the planning on Instagram and will definitely be posting more as we approach the big day.  So if you are curious you can follow me there!

Tablecloths and Place Settings!  Such fun setting our tables!

Tablecloths and Place Settings! Such fun setting our tables!

I will say though, that I am feeling some pressure to feel and look my best for our big day.  I know I’m putting the pressure on myself but who doesn’t want to look and feel their best on their wedding day?  I’m trying to lose a couple of pounds just to tone up a bit but I must say it is a challenge!  We definitely eat out and indulge more in the summer plus with weekends away, my bachelorette and other fun festivities it’s harder to cut down on portions and stick to healthy choices.  It’s a good learning experience for sure as I don’t usually watch my diet as closely.  I’ve been using My Fitness Pal to track my meals and calories and love how aware it makes me of my portions and the foods I choose.  Mindful eating is the way to go.  I haven’t changed my workouts much as I am really happy with the balance I have right now and the way I feel.  I’m in a happy place with my runs, yoga and barre and really look forward to each workout.  It doesn’t feel like something I should do, or have to do.  I am planning to try to increase my barre workouts from once a week to twice a week after Labor Day.  I love the results I see from those workouts and find them to be really fun and a great stress reliever.  Ultimately I know I’ll look amazing on my wedding day as I’ve yet to see a bride who isn’t glowing and beautiful.  It’s just my own personal goal to look and more importantly feel like my best self.

Barre N9ne!

Barre N9ne!

Ok friends, I’m off to get my Wednesday started!

Tell me, how has your summer been? What has helped you to feel and look your best?

Coffee Talk Wednesday


It’s hard to believe a month and a half as gone by since our last Coffee Talk.  So much has happened which means there is a lot to catch you up on!  I hope you’ll catch me up on all that’s happened with you too!

Coffee Talk

You may have seen my Instagram post last night about our trip to Richardson’s Ice Cream in Middleton, MA to celebrate!  We recently bought a new SUV through a private sale.  It was quite a lengthy process so we were pretty excited when the title finally came on Saturday and Michael could register it yesterday!  We thought a little drive and ice cream would be a fun first outing! It’s hard to believe that Michael first drove the car at the end of April and was finally able to register it on the very last day of June.  The bigger car with a trailer hitch will be perfect for our active lifestyle.  We’re already looking forward to taking our bikes and skis out a bit more.

Remember last time I told you that we were painting our house?  Well, we are pretty much done with that project!  M still has to finish a few things up in our half-bath but beyond that we are done.  It’s amazing how much better and brighter the house looks!  We painted our pine trim a bright white and freshened up the walls with Crisp Linen paint and a pretty stone blue accent wall in the living room.  The name of that paint was Solitude.  I really think the name made me like it just a little bit more.  Shouldn’t your home be your place of solitude?  I think so!  We still have to paint the bedrooms but we are planning to wait until winter to do those.  It’s too nice to be stuck inside painting.  I still can’t over how much time and effort it takes to paint.  We worked our tails off every weekend for months to finish the project.  It certainly makes me appreciate the finished product much more!

The other major update in our life is that between getting our new car and painting our home, M and I were both looking for new jobs.  We were both interviewing simultaneously for new jobs at the end of May and early June and hopeful that it would all work out.  Then in mid-June we both got offers for new positions that we happily accepted!  It was kind of a crazy week in our lives.   M says, it’s either the best or worse thing we’ve ever done!  I’m really excited about my new job and really looking forward to focusing on marketing.  I’ve been wanting a marketing role for quite some time and am really happy to finally make the transition.  It’s the perfect blend between my science background, my non-profit experience, my customer service experience and my marketing work.  It’s actually kind of amazing that a role even existed where I could combine all of my skill sets!  The other big win is that my new job is in downtown Boston!  I’ve been commuting west of the city for about 4 years now and I’m really excited to be back in the hub bub with a much shorter commute.  It’s definitely bittersweet to be leaving my role at Team In Training and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I’ve gotten to know and work with some amazing people over the last few years and even more so I feel like I’ve really helped make an impact in the fight against blood cancers.  I most certainly plan to stay involved as a volunteer and who knows, maybe I’ll run with the TEAM again.



I think our engagement last fall and planning our wedding has really made M and stop and think about what we want in life and where we are going.  Two new jobs and a wedding is a lot for one year but I feel like we are on the right path and making choices that are for the benefit of us both.  In fact, I’d argue that so far 2014 has been one of the busiest years of my life with lots of change happening yet somehow I feel really calm and happy about it.  All that’s going on is, at times, a bit much but I find myself smiling for no reason just a little more often.  This year has really made me appreciate that life is really an adventure and you never know what will happen.  I’m learning to let go more and more each day and enjoy the ride.  And I’m incredibly  thankful that I have an amazing partner to enjoy the ride with me.

Speaking of said partner, can you believe that in 4 and half months or 137 days (not that anyone is counting!) he’ll be my husband and I’ll be a Mrs?!  My excitement is building by the day for our wedding and honeymoon.  We are entering such a fun stage of wedding planning where we are able to focus on the details of the day.  We’ve been spending lots and lots of time on Pinterest and Etsy getting ideas.  I’m so fortunate that M is an architect and my Dad owns a sign business.  They both are very handy designers who pretty much bring every idea I see to life.  There is nothing like going into our office and seeing the desk covered in sketches and ideas.  I love all the details we have planned and feel like it will all come together for our big day.  I know I haven’t shared many details about our wedding here on the blog but that’s by design.  I’m loving that M and I are sharing in this process together and I’m trying to just enjoy every second of it.  But don’t worry, I’ll be sharing the big day here and all of our details once we get back from our honeymoon!

Before I go, let’s talk about this little blog shall we?  I’ve been thinking a lot about the future and direction of LiveRunLoveYoga.  I know I’ve changed and grown so much since I started the blog and sometimes I feel like it’s not an accurate reflection of me presently.  I’d like to expand my content a bit to include more bits and pieces of my healthy life. I’d like to share recipes with you, and quick meals that we are loving.  I’d like to tell you about the latest book I’ve read or how we are enjoying our down time.  I think including those things will give you a more complete picture of my healthy life because after all living healthy isn’t only about eating properly and working out.   Healthy living includes managing stress, enjoying down time and much more.  I’m looking forward to sharing some new content and, more so, having new conversations with you all!  I’m also thinking of giving the blog a new look.  I figure I have a new job, I’ll soon have a new last name, we have a new car, and fresh paint so I mind as well freshen up the blog too!  I’m still debating on that one so we’ll see!

Tell me, what would you share with me over a cup of coffee? How are you freshening up your life?