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Hello, Beauty! Whole Foods Beauty Products


Hello gorgeous! I love to say that to myself when I’m looking in the mirror. It makes me feel good. These days it’s quite true thanks to the good folks at Whole Foods Market in Bedford, MA. They  gave me an unreal beauty basket of clean, high-quality products to try out in honor of Beauty Week March 18-24. I’ve mentioned it a few times here but I really wanted to switch to natural makeup and face care products and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. Let me tell you, I’m so happy I did. My skin feels amazing and I love the products. Definitely stop in, check out the sales, and see what they offer during Beauty Week March 18-24.


To cleanse, tone, and moisturize they sent me some products from the Even Advanced line by Alba Botanica. The line is antioxidant-rich with their Marine Complex made of sea moss extracts. I’m a fan of the ocean and its positive effects on my skin so I thought this would be perfect. Here’s my thoughts:


Alba Botanica Even Advanced Facial Mask: I never buy masks or make the time to do them. It’s just not who I am. This one takes 5 minutes though, smells clean and fresh, and describes it’s self as a workout for your skin. Seemed like one worth trying it. I loved it. I feel like my skin looks brighter, clearer, and fresh after using it. It’s a rejuvenator after a long day, a sweaty workout, or a day cleaning the house.

Alba Botanica Even Advanced Cleansing Gel: I’ve been using this first thing every morning in the shower. It’s full of lather and feels so good! I definitely recommend it for a daily face wash.

Alba Botanica Even Advanced Facial Toner: This is a little thicker than I expected it to be. It also has a strong scent to it. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad. I wasn’t sure I’d like this but I do think in combination with all the other products in the line it’s worth using. I will say it makes my skin feel really soft.

Alba Botanica Even Advanced Moisturizer SPF15: I really like this. It’s thinner than most facial creams I used but in combination with the thicker toner it works well. My skin feels really soft and I don’t get a greasy or oily feeling at all. I also love that it has SPF15. I like sun protection. It’s just good for you.


I haven’t played with these products on their own but in combination they work really well. I have been using them and will continue to be using them, and would recommend you do too!


I also pretty excited to find out that I would be receiving makeup too. I’ve never really been a makeup girl. I don’t frequent Sephora or Ulta, and buying a new lipstick doesn’t really do much for me. I think it’s expensive and I get bored. I’d rather get a new top or a pair of earrings. But I do spend for the products I like and have been using Bare Minerals and Benefit products for years. Lately, I’ve been intrigued with makeup and have enjoyed playing with my look and products. The Mineral Fusion products from Whole Foods are awesome. I would have never picked up that brand on my own and I would be missing out. And you’d be missing out too. Here’s what I received and some thoughts:



Mineral Fusion face primer: This is a clear layer you put on over your moisturizer and before your powder. It’s meant to make your powder last long. This was nice and light, and goes on smooth. I have a similar product from Bare Minerals and would say this one is just as nice.

Mineral Fusion hydration mist: This is meant to be sprayed on your face after you apply your powder to moisturize and set it. I was kind of excited about this as I fight dry skin but the idea of spraying my face just was too much for me. It was really moisturizing but I thought it made my makeup feel heavy or a little oily. I think it’s nice for those extra dry days but I wouldn’t use it everyday.

Mineral Fusion concealer duo: I used the warm color and really liked this. It gives you a darker and lighter shade so you can mix to meet your needs. It stays put too which is awesome. I liked it most for red spots, and under my eyes.

Mineral Fusion mineral SPF30 brush-on sun defense: This is a great product and will be perfect for summer. You brush it on over your makeup. It’s easy and fits right in your purse.

Mineral Fusion illuminating powder: I received the radiance color. I liked this a lot. It has some shimmer to it so if that’s not your thing I wouldn’t recommend this. The darker colors are perfect for your cheeks and the light colors brighten up your jaw line. It’s also super flat and easy to throw in your purse or evening bag.

Mineral Fusion eye shadow trio: I received the diversity trio and loved it! You can do so much with the colors. It doesn’t crease or wear off. It’s perfect for a long day.

Mineral Fusion eye pencil: I receive the touch color and seriously loved this! I’m not much of an eye liner wearer but this is really subtle, and light. Like the other products it stays put. I’d recommend this for a woman looking for a subtle eyeliner. If you like something dark and bold this color isn’t for you.

Mineral Fusion volumizing mascara: I received the chestnut color and loved this! You can get some length and volume with this. It’s water proof so it takes soap and water to wash off, so if you shed a few tears you won’t need to worry. It doesn’t flake off throughout the day either which was awesome. I wear contacts so I really appreciated that. It’s worth trying.

Mineral Fusion lip sheer: I received the inspire color and also love it! I have some colors from Bare Minerals and Benefit which I really like and this was totally comparative. The color is sheer but by no means hidden. You can tell you have a lip color on, and it’s thick but not as thick or heavy as a lipstick. It’s also moisturizing too.  I’m a big fan and have used it almost everyday. I’d definitely get another color my next trip to Whole Foods!


I used all of the products in the order listed above to get this look!

Screen shot 2015-03-20 at 6.02.03 PM

Check out what Whole Foods has to offer during Beauty Week, March 18-24. On Saturday, March 21 they are offering a Beauty Bag for $18. It’s full of $60 worth of products so it’s a great deal and a fun way to try some new things! Plus the bag itself is super cute!  I know I’m super happy I checked out what Whole Foods offers and will definitely be spending some more time in the beauty aisle in the future.

Will you check out Beauty Week?

A New Year and New Resolutions


It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of January. I swear, the older I get the faster time goes. I never got around to setting goals this year. I was too focused on relaxing, recovering and starting life with my new husband. I simultaneously wanted to accomplish everything and do absolutely nothing. After few low-key weeks and lazy days on the couch I’m back to my same old self and surging ahead with plans and projects. We have a lot we hope to accomplish this year- our list of projects, plans, goals, and dreams is long yet I’m not motivated to share them, or put them down on paper. I like the idea of being able to change or let them go as 2015 comes at us. My true hope is that life will lead us to new adventures, plans and projects that I couldn’t have dreamed of much like 2014 did. In 2015, I want to go with the flow and see where life leads us.

Even though I’m not writing my goals and plans down this year there are still a few things I’d like to accomplish. You could even call them resolutions if you’d like…

I need to get back out there and run more! I got really comfortable with running very little in 2014. Most of my runs were 3-4 miles and it was a good week if I got out there two times. Some weeks I never even got out for a run. I love running, I really do. I love being alone with my thoughts, the fresh air, and sweating. Running just makes me feel good. So this winter I’m determined to get out and run more- despite the cold. My resolution is to run at least twice a week and not let rain, snow, wind or cold stop me.


My other resolution is to do more push-ups! I’ve been back on the yoga mat lately and those chatarungas are hard! It was a reminder that push-ups really do help me stay strong. I used to do them almost every day at the end of my workout but since I started doing barre more I cut back on them. That means barre was my only source of strength training. Even though I usually go twice a week, it’s just not enough to maintain my strength.


Lastly, I’m getting back to my ab routine. I used to do this immediately following my set of push-ups but I have let it go and my abs show it. Doing abs in barre twice a week is not the same as doing abs 4 or 5 days a week. It’s time to get back to and build my core strength.


I’m leaving the definition of “more” open-ended. More may be 5 mile runs or more frequent short runs or a half-marathon. More might be a 30-day ab challenge. More might be push-ups every day. Or maybe it’s just simply getting back to finishing my workouts with abs and push-ups. Much like my goals for 2015, I’m leaving these resolutions open so I can go with the flow and see where life leads.

running close up

Pullover | Pants

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This post was sponsored by Target® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.

What are your fitness resolutions for 2015?